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How to lose weight lying down

The Japanese do not cease to shock the imagination with diverse Ways of losing weight, Which literally compete with each other inLightness and efficiency. Unfortunately, to rock the press, do the bar and run in the morning, not everyone can do it, even if it's high time. And the more kilograms is added, the more you want to eat some magical fat-burning pill or better: lie, do nothing and lose weight.

You will not believe, but here the Japanese, as always, amaze the imagination, offering just such a way of getting rid of excess weight. magic?

More than 10 years Japanese doctor fukutsuji helps women Put a figure in order In the shortest possible time. And this is without diets, exhausting physical exercises and exorbitant expenditure of money.

How to lose weight lying down

You will need

  • Large towel
  • Strong thread
  • Horizontal surface
  • 5 minutes a day

The essence of the method is that within a few minutes you lie on a roller, twisted from a towel, and take your stomach away! And if you move the towel closer to the shoulder blades - you can lift the chest, Correct posture And even get a little higher!


  1. Roll a towel from a tight roller at least 40 cm in length and 7-10 cm in thickness. Tie it up so that it does not unwind.
  2. Sit on a firm flat surface and put the rolled roller behind you.
  3. Cushion

  4. important! Fall on the back so that the roller is exactly across the body under the waist - exactly under the navel.
  5. Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders. The thumbs should touch each other, and the heels should be at a distance of 20-25 cm.
  6. Get straight arms outstretched by the head, turn them palms down and connect the little fingers.
  7. Be careful that the big toes and little fingers touch. Lie in this position for 5 minutes.
  8. Attention! Get up gently, because during exercise, the bones and joints move slightly.
    Weight loss lying down

Persistence, perseverance and the desire to achieveThe Japanese do not want to pursue their goals. Lay down - and the stomach is pulled up, and the excess fat is distributed independently! Take into account, if it is difficult for you to withstand 5 minutes - start with 2-3, gradually increasing the duration of the exercise.

The main secret of efficiency is to perform it regularly. Tell us about this amazing Japanese technique to your friends, let them make sure that losing weight is so simple!