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What prevents weight loss

Almost everyone believes that excess weight Arises from overeating. But in addition there are a number of reasons that we do not even suspect. But they are the stumbling block that prevents weight loss!

We are not talking about serious diseases that require medical advice. It's about simple things that are solved on their own ...

That prevents weight loss

  1. liver
    The liver is involved in the metabolism of fats. It also neutralizes toxins and harmful substances, is involved in digestion and so on. If the liver is overloaded, the metabolism slows down. This does not allow a person to lose weight.

    what to do: For the liver to function properly, it is necessary to maintain its health with the help of Nutrients. Important for the liver is allicin, which is contained inOnion and garlic; Irreplaceable in antioxidant work glutathione - in avocado and walnuts; For the regeneration of liver cells curcumin - in turmeric and curry. Also for the cholagogue effect, you can eat broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, apples and olive oil.


  2. dead point
    Many people who are trying to lose weight for more than a year, know that weight is reduced to a certain value, and then stops. Nutritionists call this weight "plateau". Our body does not know about what parameters we aspire to, and for many years accustomed to a certain weight. So when losing weight the body resists the exit from its own comfort zone.

    what to do: If the process of losing weight stopped and the weight is notDecreases, change the tactics of the diet. It is advisable to switch to calorie counting. The difference between consumed calories and their consumption, should be small. But it should be remembered that a sharp decrease in calories and unloading days will lead to the opposite effect. Sometimes you need to stay a few months in the "dead center", give the body a break, and then continue again.

  3. stress
    Stress is a problem of modern society. Many have an increased sense of hunger. Stress strengthens the secretion of some hormones and suppresses the production of others, while making our body immune to the chief administrator of glucose - insulin.

    So we do not just want to eat, we prefer foods that contain sugar. Not without reason we stress with chocolate. Insulin, getting from us Excess portion of glucose, Turns it into new fat cells.

  4. what to do: You can go to a psychologist. But it's better to go in for sports and get distracted. also physical exercise Make the body spend more calories, which means -To convert the eaten glucose into energy, and not into fat. If you can not train, do creativity. You will be distracted and will feel more relaxed.
  5. Bad sleep
    Lack of rest and poor sleep do not giveA person lose weight. Lack of sleep slows metabolism and leads to a breakdown in the synthesis of the hormone leptin. Leptin is responsible for suppressing appetite. Its function is to send signals to the brain that the person is full.

    what to do: Allow yourself a full sleep. You can arrange an experiment for the holiday. Go to bed at 22:00, get up at 7 am, and you'll see how much better you'll feel. Appetite should also decrease.

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  6. Food sensitivity
    Individual intolerance to food Millions of people around the world, but withThey do not even know about it. Often it is food sensitivity that causes chronic fatigue, frequent headaches, joint pains, slight swelling in the limbs, and many other symptoms. And yet it slows down the metabolism.

    what to do: Most often a source of food sensitivitySuch products and their derivatives, as wheat, corn, soy, peanuts, sugar, eggs, milk. Try to find out if you are sensitive to any of them. Exclude everyone in turn and see how your body agitates.

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