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The woman switched to proper nutrition in two weeks

A woman named Don Stone tells her story of losing weight. She was able Lose weight Very effectively and shared experience with people inHis book. It all started from the moment when Don graduated from college and moved to live in a big city where she was offered a good job. Careerist spent all the time at work, ate mostly pizza, rolls and whatever comes to hand. Don did not have time to look back, as she added 18 kilograms.

Like many other women, Don was sitting onDiets, practically did not consume carbohydrates, fats, and drank juices on an empty stomach. But this only became irritable, and the weight did not change at all. The woman decided to find a simple program for losing weight and not to give up good food.

How to switch to proper nutrition

Don Stone

  1. First, Don removed the refined sugar.
    "It seemed to me that sugar helps me fight with fatigue. At first it was very difficult to abandon it. But then I felt better. "
  2. Then excluded products from wheat.
    "Not that this product was" bad ", but like most people I used it in very large quantities. Almost all products from wheat are highly processed and are not nutritious. "
  3. Refused to dairy products.
    "There are useful dairy products, and there are quite the opposite. I ate milk chocolate, ice cream, frozen yogurt and so on. And I also decided to replace cow's milk with rice. "
  4. Got rid of the habit of eating fast food.
    "Everything that is sold in boxes and packages is not for me!"
  5. After the dona removed from the diet artificial sweeteners, red meat and alcohol.
    "After the first week I began to eat a lotbetter. And the weight began to quickly leave. After 14 days I continued in the same spirit. But began to permit themselves once a week there is one of my unhelpful favorite foods. Weight while still decreasing. "

The woman says that you need to eat right, but when you really want, you can do it a little.