/ How to get a stone from a cherry

How to get a stone from a cherry

Procuring Cherries for the winter, From them it is necessary to get bones, so that you can enjoy a delicious jam or make pies or cakes with berries.

In order to get out of the cherries bones, there are many ways, but today "so simple!" Decided to show you one more. With this method, you quickly and easily clean all cherries from the bones and cook from them the most delicious jam for the winter.

For this you will need an ordinary glass bottle and Chinese chopsticks. Look and learn how to get the bones from the cherries without much effort!

How to get a stone from a cherry

With this method you will not get your hands dirty, and you will quickly carry out your work. Be sure to take advantage of this lifhak and share it with your friends! They will appreciate this method.