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9 positive consequences of the crisis

In the minds of our people, the word "crisis", as a rule, causes negative associations. They are most often associated with disorder, uncertain and at the same time bleak Future prospects. But in fact the devil is not as terrible as he is painted.

There are objective Laws of history. According to them, any crisis has positive consequences. And the more serious it is, the more positive they will be. And it remains for us to wait a little for the changes and take only good from the crisis.

Consequences of the crisis

  1. Wise disposal of money
    The crisis teaches us to use our means wisely. It is better not to let the money into the nonsense, but really put off on something worthwhile.

    Yes, maybe you can not buy yourself jeans, which you already have 5 pairs, but if you think about it, you do not need them. Many things only take up space in the closet.

  2. An excuse to develop one's ingenuity
    True love crisis is not a hindrance. Problems with finances - this is not an excuse to lose romance. Sociologists say that during the crisis both men and women are becoming more inventive and approaching the choice of gifts and appointments more creatively.

    Romantic surprises are not always costly. Also people have priorities. An expensive ringlet will bring joy only for a moment. But it will not comfort after a hard day, do not hug or kiss.

  3. The discovery of new horizons
    The financial crisis affected our ability to travel abroad. But, at the same time, we can learn new places of our country, which are no less beautiful.

    Make travel abroad, as well as by nativeThe country more accessible will help such Internet services, as withsouching, blablacar, and loukost-companies. If you pre-select tickets in discount airlines, you can find good prices for a variety of destinations.

  4. New, more interesting work
    During a crisis, almost any person does notIs insured against loss of work. If this happens, do not fall into depression. Thanks to this you can discover your calling, which was not in demand before.

    Perhaps you will find exactly what you were for.Born. This includes the talents that make a person truly successful. Work brings only income, and vocation brings prosperity.

  5. a crisis

  6. Realize the dream
    Crisis is the best period to realize yourDream into reality. Many of us often think that it would be nice to sell everything to the devil and go live to a dacha or in the wilderness, to grow carrots or piglets there.

    Well, or turn in your trash in the center of the city and go to live in Thailand. And there to do business to your liking. why not?

  7. handmade
    Many people have long ceased to buyExpensive furniture, carpets and home decorations from fashion catalogs. It is more actual now to make everything or to do it yourself. Firstly, it is not costly, secondly - fashionable and unique, and thirdly, an excellent pastime.
  8. Mutual aid
    On sites with ads there were many offers of free training of manicure, a foreign language and so on. Citizens try to help each other in hard times.

    With these proposals, of course, you need to beCareful, but why not try it? Some want to find friends through good deeds. Others are trained for free to find talented employees.

  9. Cars
    Have you noticed that there are fewer traffic jams on the roads? The number of machines was significantly reduced. Of course, without a car is no longer as comfortable as with it.

    But many citizens moved to bicycles. To work on such a transport, not everyone can afford to go, but here at the dacha is the best option. Environmentally and economically.

  10. Food
    Crisis gives us the opportunity to try new food. And discover for themselves no less useful, but more affordable food.

    And at the same time support the domestic producer. We begin to look for new and more affordable cooking recipes, thereby making our diet more diverse.

"Everything in life happens for a reason. The crisis is given so that we can start living easier. And indeed the truth, in order to survive it, you need to simplify yourself. Forget about complex nutrition, reduce the amount of unnecessary information and return to basic values.

Ordinary people who do not have "Mercedes" and bank accounts! You are the most protected audience! " - the popular presenter and the resident comedy club, andrey dairy, expressed his opinion.

In all you need to see the positive side, look forPositive, and then no world crisis will not be terrible to you. Happiness does not depend on external circumstances, it is in ourselves. Rejoice in every new day, do self-development and look at the world wider!