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10 tricks for cleaning in the nursery

Cleaning in the nursery - a real headache for many parents. Scattered designers, adherent clay, trampled on the rug of chewing gum, dirty cups on the table or under the bed ... you can enumerate endlessly.

For sure, every parent knows exactly where his child "gives slack" and why he allows himself "to score" for cleaning. But what can we say about preschoolers? Offer your attention 10 simple Cleaning tips, Which is definitely worth using!

Tricks for cleaning children's

  1. Markers and markers
    From hard surfaces they are removed prettyOK. First try to wipe the table or any other surface with wet wipes or a cotton swab dampened with alcohol or vodka. If it does not help, then use toothpaste. Do it, leave it for a few minutes and wash it off. By the way, the paste should be free of abrasive particles. In the form of a gel, too, will not work.
  2. Markers and markers

  3. Sticky pieces of food, the effects of vomiting and enuresis
    Soda - the best friend of the hostess. A mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and washing-up liquids can be removed from carpets and sofas by most children's "accidents". Mix peroxide with soda and detergent in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. Fill this solution with a spray gun or apply the mixture to a dirty place with a cloth. Leave for a few minutes and Remove contamination.

    If instead of a dishwashing liquidUse a little lemon juice and take a brush instead of a rag, you can return the trampled carpet in the nursery almost a pristine look! Be careful with peroxide: it has the property of brightening upholstery or carpet areas! First, try it where it will not be very noticeable.

  4. soda

  5. Dolls and stuffed animals
    To wash your doll hair, wet them and thickCut conventional hair conditioner. After that they are much easier to comb. Are confident that your daughter will like watching her dolls and she will happily do it herself (but only under the supervision of adults).

    Soft toys can easily be cleaned withShampoo solution and paper towel. A heavily soiled toy can be washed in a bag for delicate washing. But it's better not to throw musical toys into laundry, they might not like it!

  6. Toy on clothespin

  7. Remove the smell from your favorite cup
    Often children take drinks to their room and forget to wash glasses or cups after themselves. If there was an unpleasant smell of milk - with it easily coped with a solution of vinegar.
  8. a cup

  9. Chewing gum on the upholstery of furniture or a soft toy
    Then home tools can not do. Buy "vedeshku" - water repellent agent wd-40. Spray on the sticky chewing gum and around it, and after a few minutes, remove the cud with a paper towel. When using chemicals, take care of your eyes and respiratory system! The same tool is suitable for cleaning the traces of glue from any surfaces.
  10. Gum on the carpet

  11. Dirty keyboard
    If you still do not have a toy-lick, we advise you to buy it. Firstly, it is inexpensive, and secondly, it copes well with the dirt and dust that periodically accumulate on the keyboard.
  12. Toy-lick

  13. Pencil parchment
    Children paint on the wallpaper until about 3-4 years old. If you are growing a young artist and can not control it - it is better not to waste your nerves and stock up on the wallpaper. Because it will be very short time and they will need to be re-applied. But from the painted walls, doors, frames and door posts it removes drawings of paste from water and soda.
  14. Child in paint

  15. Lego and the like
    From the floor all this trifle can be swept out with the help ofBrushes and garbage scoop (of course, not the same as you sweep the garbage). Firstly, it is convenient. And secondly, a little psychological trick will work: if they sweep, it means that they throw it into the garbage.

    Perhaps your child will be more cautious andBe sure to clean up after yourself. And wash the designer's parts from chocolate, spilled juice and other dirt in a washing machine. Just collect everything in a bag and run a delicate washing program.

  16. Lego

  17. Sequins
    Those are the smallest and seemingly sticking to everything,Which does not want to suck the vacuum cleaner. They can easily be picked up with a usual sticky roller for clothes. By the way, some like it and crumbs from cookies to them to collect. And every other trifle. If you show this trick to the kid in a game form, then he surely will collect everything better than you!
  18. Sequins

  19. plasticine
    The easiest way is with a table. Remove as far as you can, sticking clay with a spatula or table knife. Blurred remnants wipe with the most common wet wipes until the disappearance of traces of plasticine. But with a carpet or upholstery sofa will have a little tinkering.

    Take an iron, a large sheet of paper and through the paperA smoothing of plasticine. Replace the sheet and repeat until the tissue is not only a fat stain. And it is easy to wash it off with a rag or brush, moistened with a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent. In the same way, plasticine can be removed from ordinary paper wallpapers.

    Be careful when working with an iron! If the fabric is synthetic, it can not be burned for long. Regulate the temperature, as with regular ironing.

  20. Adherent clay

If you keep a clean eye every day a little, andDo not leave the "ruins of the Count" until the weekend - cleaning will take much less time. Be sure to share these tips with those who have already got kids. It turns out, cleaning in the house is so easy!