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What do not tolerate different signs of the zodiac

Not everyone is critical of themselves andHe notices his own shortcomings. But we are often very impatient to foreign flaws, are not we? Our rejection of our shortcomings depends on our character. Astrologers say that it is more or less determined by the sign of the zodiac we were born with.

Many of us do not believe in horoscopes, but after reading this article, you start to think about the fact that there is some grain of truth in this. Learn what this or that does not tolerate Zodiac sign.

What do not tolerate the signs of the zodiac

  1. Aries

    Compulsion. Stop calling the rams, they know when to meet with you.
    Authoritarianism. "I do not need to put pressure on me, I can do it myself."
    Unnaturalness. What nature has given must be preserved in man.
    Lack of justice. Do not hurt the weak with the ram, or you'll regret it.
    Monotony. This sign of the zodiac becomes boring when one day looks like another. They are looking for new adventures and friends.

  2. Taurus

    Boring people. Calves do not tolerate monotonous lectures and adore talkative people with a flexible mind.
    Excessive mobility. "Do not flash before your eyes, it would be better to do something useful."
    Manifestation of feelings. Most calves love attention, but they do not tolerate veal tenderness.

  3. Twins

    contempt. Twins should be in authority.
    Other people's stories. "I myself have something to tell this world."
    framework. "I want to create when and where I want. And do not give me a short time. "
    Stealth. "No, tell me yourself. Or help? "

  4. Crawfish

    Ostentatious luxury. "Who needs this showdown? Modestly, but neatly - better than "a miracle in feathers".
    Unassembled house. "My house is my fortress" is the motto of crayfish. They do not like it when someone treats cleaning in the house is irresponsible.
    frankness. "I do not want to listen to your secrets and you do not want to share with me."
    Optional. "Said he would do it, be kind - do it." And then you will see my reaction. "

  5. Lions

    Blatant lies. Lions do not like being considered fools.
    Complaints. "Do not complain that you can not change anything, better act."
    greed. Most lions are generous and expect the same attitude from others. "
    jealousy. "You have to trust me!"

  6. Virgins

    Inhospitality. Virgins love when they come to visit, and they themselves go with pleasure.
    Inaccuracy. With the sloppy man, the virgins have complex relationships.
    curiosity. "If I want to - I'll tell you if not, then do not ask questions."
  7. Libra

    coarseness. Scales are friendly and sweet, but they will not tolerate rudeness and lack of culture.
    indifference. You can not pass by the problems of other people.
    Disputes. Spores are not for scales. They are well-balanced people and believe that among the arguing one is a fool, the other is a scoundrel.
    Instructing people. "Do not prevent me from living the way I want."

  8. Scorpions

    superficiality. To get to the bottom of the matter - the vocation of any scorpion.
    hypocrisy. "Say only what you think and feel."
    criticism. Better watch yourself before judging the scorpion.
    Spinelessness. "Do not spare others, because no one will regret you."
    Dreamers. Scorpions are single-minded people. Set a goal - do it. But with the dreamers they have nothing to talk about.

  9. Archers

    Failure to fulfill promises. "Promised to do - do it."
    boredom. "I do not want to waste time on boring people and the same activities."
    Dislike for animals. Archers love their pets and do not understand how you can not love them.
    Other people's advice. "I myself know how best."

  10. Capricorn

    Lack of clear goals. Capricorn is not interested in people who do not know what they want from life.
    Unpredictability. "I love it when everything goes according to plan."
    Verbosity. "If you want to talk to me, then speak on business and without water."
    laziness. Capricorns are very hardworking and do not tolerate lazy people. Although sometimes they are observed.

  11. Aquarius

    betrayal. Something that no Aquarius can forgive. Although there are exceptions.
    routine. "Monotony is not for me."
    Reminder of shortcomings. "I myself know about my shortcomings, do not cut me."
    Borrowers. "I do not like to borrow money, I live on my own."

  12. fish

    Favors. "I will help you, and you to me."
    Lie on trifles. A little deception can turn a fish from a sweet into an aggressive person.
    Lack of knowledge. A limited person is not a friend to fish.
    ingratitude. It's better to thank the fish once more if you want to be helped in the future.

Well, did he recognize himself and his friends? Now you know more about the nature of people born under different signs of the zodiac. This will help you communicate with them more easily.