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Interesting facts about greenery

Without greens to the Soviet people nowhere! And why this tool has become so popular is a perfect mystery. In fact there were and there are many antiseptics with a powerful Antimicrobial effect, Which do not color everything in emeraldColor tone. "Diamond" medical product comes to mind, as soon as you see a scratch or tattered knee in the child. Is it worth using greengrocers and what are her main secrets? The first is on the surface: it's very cheap.

Facts about greenery


Greenery - synthetic aniline dye. It is an ideal dye for cotton, silk, wood and paper. In the xix century, a young chemist from London, William Perkin worked on a medicine for malaria and accidentally received a green! Weaving industry immediately took on this colorful miracle. In fact, as you know, it is impossible to wash greens.

How the dye undertook to use the greenery andChemists, giving pleasant shades to bacteria and microorganisms in preparations under a microscope. Quite by accident someone noticed that the green can not only paint, but also kill some microorganisms! And here it began ... Antiseptic Quickly gained popularity and does not give up its position to this day.


At us zelenka in honor, and here in Europe it notLove. Properties of the drug has not yet been studied carefully - and suddenly superinfections appear precisely because of the fact that the green is used everywhere? And to paint people in green - some blasphemy. During the Stalinist repressions, the prisoner's number on the body of the executed was written "brilliant green". It's good that now they make greenery and in the form of a pencil - there are no problems with the discovery of the cherished bottle.

How to wash green

  1. Rinse the green from the skin most easily with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine.
  2. Bleach or a concentrated soap solution will help remove the green from the fabric.
  3. Linoleum or plastic, too, is rubbed with alcohol until the spots disappear completely.

That's for sure - an eternal remedy ... zelenka has become a part of our culture. Share these entertaining facts about her with friends!