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Signs of a neurosis

The modern rhythm of life is capable even of the most persistent people Unbalance. If you are not feeling a sense of inner tension, irritation, anger and this has been going on for several days - most likely the neurosis is preparing to catch a new victim in its networks.

Constant rush, fatigue, the need to make quick decisions and act immediately is not very natural for a person. The psyche does not stand this! Determine the beginning in time Neurosis Is to be saved from its unpleasant consequences. Conduct self-diagnosis: 4 symptoms from this list - an alarm bell.

Signs of a neurosis

  1. Constant irritation
    Irritability, of course, can beAn integral part of your character. Because everyone has a different temperament ... but if you are annoyed at any occasion and ordinary trifles lead to frenzy, this indicates certain violations. This condition for several days - a pathology, a person should not always be in a bad mood. If the reasons for irritation are more serious - for example, war, loss of loved ones - then the risk of neurosis grows.
  2. Playful appetite
    Eat a lot, then a little? Refuse from the earlier favorite products? Do not want fat and flour, but pulls on the sweet? Your relationship with food should be harmonious - it indicates health. Bulimia or malnutrition, strangeness in the choice of food, nausea, even with mention of some foods that used to seem acceptable, is evidence that your psyche has been seriously affected lately.
  3. Strange dreams
    Insomnia or excessive drowsiness, too brightDreams, a feeling of constant lack of sleep - signs of many mental illnesses. Pay attention to your sleep regimen and correct it, it will not be superfluous even for an absolutely healthy person.
  4. Signs of a neurosis

  5. yearning
    During depression, depression is perceived asSomething familiar, calm tyagomotina, from which you can not escape. The depression during the neurosis is quite different: you want to do something with it, change this state, when you do not want anything - neither to live, nor to work, nor to rejoice. Often in the course are methods like alcohol, drugs, medicinal stimulants, antidepressants and even strong coffee. This is an unhealthy indicator, pay attention, if the desire thus to change your state visits you more often.
  6. Excessive sentimentality
    Tearfulness, tears from scratch - satellitesA neurosis. An old grandmother selling garlic at a cheap price at a tram stop. A cat that does not have an eye, accidentally met on the way. A touching commercial about a happy family. Yes, it causes a certain response in the soul, but attacks of tearfulness - this is not good. Then the psyche is shattered thoroughly.
  7. fatigue
    Do not have time to sit down for work, and already tired? Can not you relax for a weekend? Constant fatigue indicates that the body's resources are running out, you need to stop and catch your breath.
  8. anxiety
    Into the head strange thoughts about bad events? So it happens: imagine what can hardly happen, something terrible ... for example, a fire in a kindergarten, where he just started a child. While the heart begins to beat more often, sweat palms and other parts of the body, even a little dizzy. An increased level of anxiety and phobia - serious problems in fact. If you always fear that the door is left unlocked or the stove has not been turned off, you need to drink calming, stabilizing nervous system drugs that the doctor will write out.
  9. Signs of a neurosis

  10. Complex relationships with self-esteem
    Sometimes you feel like a superhero, and sometimes -Creature trembling. Then everything turns out, and then nothing glues ... unstable self-esteem is inherent in all people with neuroses. Learn to treat yourself with love, life will become much easier. Farewell to yourself more often.
  11. Nervous tic
    And you do not have to twitch your eyes! Restless fingers, legs, shaking of the head, shoulder, twitching in different parts of the body from time to time - indicators of a nervous tic. If somewhere something pulls and twitches and you can not control it, it's a sign. The nervous system tries to cope with this in such a way with stress and notifies you: let's rather change something, otherwise it will be very bad!

9 out of 9? Do not worry, neurosis is something that persecutes many people throughout their lives. The first medicine is rest, make yourself rest, even if Neurotic condition Does not give you rest day and night. If you feel that one rest is not enough, - visit the doctor. Soothing herbs and special pills that gently bring the nervous system in order, is what you need against the neurosis.

Drink vitamins, take care of yourself, do not worry about trifles! Nobody pays you for your experiences, so do not waste your efforts to loosen up the psyche. Better do something useful and enjoyable.