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Home stretching

The best way to start your day is to stretch properly! these Stretching exercises I liked at first sight: they are easy to carry out right at the bed, immediately after awakening.

Breathe smoothly and deeply during stretching. You will easily wake up in the morning and feel at the peak of vivacity all day, if you take the habit of doing such a simple charge!

Home stretching

  1. Stretching of hands and shoulders
    Put your hands in the lock and stretch forward. Do 4-5 deep breaths in this position, think only of the good from the very morning!
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  3. Stretching the back, biceps and hips
    Straighten hand hold on to the wall, hold your backstraight. Turn in the opposite direction and pull your back, leaving your hand in position on the wall. Take 4 deep breaths. Repeat with the other hand. Feel like you wake up and come to tone!
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  5. Stretching the lateral muscles of the press and back
    Push one leg forward, with your hand, lean against the bed. The second hand lift up, straighten and stretch. Stay in this position for 5 breaths. Stretching will give you strength for the whole day.
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  7. Hamstrings
    Straight leg put on the bed, pull it, while keeping your back straight. Stay in the position of maximum stress for 5 breaths. Thanks to the stretching muscles are strengthened and grow, do not forget about it.
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  9. Stretching of quadriceps
    Standing on one leg, bend the second in the knee andPress it against your thigh. Gently pull your leg, holding it with your hand. Stretch the leg for 5 breaths, repeat with the other leg. This exercise will help you keep balance throughout the day! Keep the balance, no matter what you do.
  10. Morning stretching

  11. Stretching of the inner thighs
    Put your bent leg on the bed, supportingThemselves with their hands. Lean forward, slowly stretching the muscles of the thighs. Do the exercise for 5 breaths, repeat with the other leg. With the help of stretching you can get rid of fat deposits in the most problematic areas!
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  13. Stretching the legs and spine
    Lean forward, as far as possible drag to the ground. Connect your hands so that they do not interfere with you. Feel the tension in the legs and lower back. At the extreme point of tension, make 5 deep breaths. After such an exercise you will finally wake up ...
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  15. Back stretch
    Lie down on the bed face down, bend your legs and stretch your straight arms forward. Stretch your back, anticipating a wonderful day!
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  17. Rest after stretching
    Before you start your usual morningDo a little bit of lying on the bed, breathing as deeply as you can. Feel how the abdominal muscles work during breathing. A harmonious day is assured to you, you will be healthy and strong from morning till night!
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To make such a simple stretching, it will take a minimum of time. But the effect is inexpressible ... try to do these miracle exercises and make them happy with your friends!