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Things we do wrong

There are many things that we do on the machine, without even thinking about the fact that they can be done easier. Knowing some tricks, you can greatly simplify your life and save time.

We decided to show how to do something everyday in a more comfortable and convenient way. To what is simple and ingenious!

What people are doing wrong

  1. Do you still clean the garlic with a knife? Put the head of garlic in the jar, close the lid and shake the container. Voila - garlic is cleaned.
    How to peel garlic

    How to peel garlic

  2. How to make a sandwich with bacon. Weave pieces of meat with each other.
    Sandwich with bacon
  3. Insert the tube into the opening to open the bottle, as in the photo.
    How to open a cola
  4. Breakfast perfectionist: with the help of onion rings you can cook a perfectly round fried egg.
    Round fried eggs
  5. We paint nails, as in a beauty salon. Scheme to help.
    How to paint nails
  6. Hard plastic packaging is easy to open with a can opener.
    plastic box
  7. So that the cable does not turn off when pulling, fix the connection with the knot.
  8. Headphones are more convenient to wear so.

Having looked through these ideas, you will surely take a couple of weapons. Share with your friends these interesting tricks!