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Problems of modern relations

Relationships are a lot of work, but why try? We have always been forced to think that "there is so much fish in the sea and enough for everyone." And really, today everywhere: in phones, tablets, applications for acquaintances can be found or choose a pair.

You can even order a person in the same way asBrand new ipad in the online store: home delivery. Intimacy today - these are sent to each other emoticons, and sms "with a good morning" is almost equal to a feat. What do you think about this?

We ascertain the fact that romance has died, but inOur eyes can not see the regret - only the reflection of the monitor ... but what if you just invent it anew? Maybe, the romance in our time is a phone set aside for dinner and eye-to-eye contact?

Why, when we have already chosen a partner, our viewStill looking for more options around? Because we have a choice! And this choice kills us. We believe that the more chances for a relationship we have, the better. But in fact, it makes everything dim, muffled, and we can not feel satisfied.

By and large, we do not even understand what isSatisfaction, how it looks, sounds, feels. One foot we are constantly somewhere else, because there, beyond the door, there are even more options. More, more, more ...


Problems of modern relations

In fact, we see the world as boundless,How it was not seen by any generation before us! We have the opportunity to open a new tab in the browser and accidentally stumble upon photos of argentina or get a credit card from your wallet and immediately book a flight ticket.

We do not do this, but we can. But instead of living "to the fullest", we tease ourselves - open instagram, look at the lives of other people, what we could have, but do not have. Looking for places in which we have never been, or people who have never met.

We "bombard" ourselves with external stimuli and yet wonder why we are constantly gnawing Emptiness And dissatisfaction. Why is there any kind of hopelessness everywhere? We do not have the faintest idea of ​​what our life is, but we clearly see what it is not!

Why, finally finding a person with whomReady to live a lifetime, we with lightning speed start to expose our love for show? Tell people about it, change status in social networks, throw your photos in instagram? Our relationship just has to be perfect!

Why no one shares quarrels until 3 o'clock in the morningOr photos of reddened and tearful eyes? Why do not we write a twitter post for 140 characters that literally 15 minutes ago we had a conversation that casts doubt on the future of our relationship?

So nobody shares it, does it? Our relationship should be a model, an ideal and an occasion for pride and envy! And then we see other such "happy" couples. And compare ourselves with them ...


Our generation is a generation of choice, comparisonAnd measurements in husky. good. good enough. best. Never before did humanity have such a cornucopia of markers in order to indicate how life should look like "the best possible".

We press Enter, Enter, Enter - and soonWe are in despair. Because what we are trying to measure, hell, does not exist! This life is not. As there is no such relationship. But we can not believe it. Because we saw it with our own eyes, in our own Facebook tape. And we want it. And we will suffer until we get it. We part ...

As it turned out, we ourselves are not good enough, andOur relationships and lives do not reach the imaginary ideal. Then "help" again comes the pages with profiles, again we order someone, like pizza, with delivery right up to the door. And it all begins again.

"Good morning". Joint selfie. Radiant, happy couple. We compare. We compare. We compare. Then a new wave of dissatisfaction is inevitably and imperceptibly creeping in, which results in hysterics, scandals and night quarrels. "Something is wrong with us." "this does not work". "I need something more." Again we disagree. Another lost love ...


And the next time will be the same. Another quick success. Another attempt to fit life into 140 characters, into frozen filtered images, into four campaigns in the movies. We are so worried about creating a brilliant, happy life. But what is the ideal and who invented it? No one knows the answer ...

In fact, we all want to talk on the phone. To see the face of a loved one live, and not through a monitor. Touch the velvety skin, and not the cold screen ... we want everything to be gradual, so that our life is not exhausted by the likes, the sharks, the subscribers, the comments and the voices.

Want a deep real connection, loyalty and Sincerity of feelings. We want a love that will create, not destroy. So that at the end of our days we would be sure that we lived a life full of meaning. That's what we want. Even if we do not know this yet.

Do you think it's possible to believe what was written? Share this wonderful essay with your friends, maybe it will make them not only look at their relationship from a different angle, but also reduce the time spent in social networks. Enjoy the real world with all its shortcomings and virtues, it is really beautiful!