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Deferred drowning

Little, who knows what is Deferred drowning. Although it is rare, but it is important for everyone to have an idea of ​​him and his symptoms. A similar tragedy can happen to anyone, especially with children, if the time does not take action ...

We will tell you about this kind of drowning on a concrete example. forewarned is forearmed!

The story of deferred drowning

10-year-old autistic boy johnny jackson went withMom in the pool. The woman was watching her child closely. On the arms of the child there were special inflatable armlets that kept him on the water. Nothing foretold troubles ...

The story of deferred drowning

During the bath, Johnny swallowed water, but cleared his throat and everything was normal again. After bathing, my mother and son went home.

The story of deferred drowning

On the way home the mother of the cashier was talking with her son aboutHow his day went. Johnny seemed a little tired, but it was all right. In the evening he had to take a shower, put on clean clothes and go to bed. The exciting day was coming to an end.

The story of deferred drowning

Johnny really wanted to sleep. This is not surprising, since the boy swam, ran and jumped all day. His mother did not notice anything unusual.

The story of deferred drowning

The cassandra laid her son to bed. But, after entering the room after a while, she saw that the child's lips were covered with white foam. Mom tried to wake the baby, but he did not wake up. It was too late: the little Johnny died.

The story of deferred drowning

When later the doctors found out the cause of the death of Johnny, the cashier could not believe it. Johnny drowned. It was a deferred drowning. "I've never heard of such a phenomenon before. And, unfortunately, not only I am alone ", The cashier said.


Deferred drowning can occur ifThere is a small amount of water. It prevents the absorption of oxygen into the blood, so the person slowly dies. In most cases, the body of an adult man can cope with the removal of water from the lungs. However, in children, as well as in people with mental disorders, such reflexes are not so developed.

Symptoms of deferred drowning

  1. cough
  2. chest pain
  3. Shortness of breath
  4. Very severe fatigue, drowsiness
  5. Blue lips
  6. Distraction

If the child after bathing you find such signs, carefully observe him. And turn to the doctors, without losing a minute. Also closely monitor the children During bathing, Even in shallow water bodies.

This information is important to everyone, since this can save someone's life. Be sure to share it with your friends!