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First aid in case of dislocation

Dislocation of the arm, leg, finger or shoulder has happened to everyone at least once in a lifetime. It is an unpleasant and painful injury, and it is very important to be able to give first aid Yourself and others, if such a disaster happened.

Incorrect actions with a dislocated part of the body can lead to serious consequences. dislocation Represents a violation of the integrity of the joint,Bones can partially or completely shift. Correct diagnosis of a dislocation is the first step to providing assistance to the victim. Remember that the dislocation can easily be confused with a fracture, because in both cases the movement of the joint causes pain.

A disabling trauma doctor is able to determine the dislocation, but if there is no way to get to him immediately, pay attention to some signs.

Signs of dislocation

  • Pain, swelling, bruising around the joint or muscle;
  • A visible change in the shape and size of the joint;
  • Swelling, redness around the joint;
  • It is possible to lose sensitivity in the area of ​​dislocation due to trauma to nerve endings;
  • A sharp pain when trying to make a move.

First aid in case of dislocation

  1. To ensure the peace of the dislocated part of the body, it can not be moved and straightened. It is very good for fixing the injured joint to use a tire closely fitting to the sore point.
  2. Add a bubble with ice wrapped in a towel, to a sprained part of the body for 20 minutes. But not more than the specified time!
  3. First aid in case of dislocation

  4. If there is a possibility and this does not causeAdditional pain, raise the injured limb higher, in order to remove swelling. In the presence of wounds and small lesions of the skin around the dislocated area, treat them with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  5. First aid in case of dislocation

  6. The patient needs an anesthetic. pay attention! People suffering from cardiovascular diseasesDiseases, and women with suspected pregnancy, or on the first pregnancy can not take general painkillers without consulting a doctor. In this case, local anesthesia is recommended - for example, a cream that relieves swelling and pain.
  7. Go with the victim to the emergency room. It is necessary, the roentgen needs to be done with any dislocations in order to avoid complications of trauma and unpleasant consequences.

In no case do not twist your disorient yourself! It will make a skilled doctor, it is very possible that an anesthetic will be required for such a painful and complicated procedure. If first aid is provided correctly, Recovery after dislocation Will pass quickly.

Easy gymnastics and physiotherapy procedures will help to survive the trauma without health consequences.

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