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Tips for parenting from Jolie and Pitt

Being a parent is not a simple task. But these mom and dad of six children cope with it perfectly. It's about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Now there are rumors that the couple is allegedly divorced.

But they do not comment on these rumors in any way andThey continue to appear in public together. So let's hope that all this is gossip. We suggest that you read the 7 tips of this star couple that inspired many Building strong families And adoption of children.

Jolie and pitt

Advice on education from jolie and pitta

Advice from Angelina Jolie

  1. Teaching should be well paid
    "It is very unfortunate that teachers and educators are paid little, and it is they who form the next generation. This can not be saved. We with brad very much respect the workers in the sphere of education. "
  2. We swear without witnesses
    "Brad is hard to get mad. But I'm quite the opposite. But when it comes to education, here we with Brad often support each other and agree. But if there are disagreements, we discuss it so that the children do not hear us. Especially if the conversation is on high tones. "
  3. Good-bye to your parents
    "Children help to find a common language with ourParents. This is the perfect time to learn to forgive and understand them. Stupid mistakes that my far from ideal father did, helped me become a better mother for my children. "
  4. the large family

Advice from Brad Pitt

  1. Children themselves must choose their own way
    "Children have the right to choose their own future. Everyone must find his own way. I wanted to be in my youth a reporter, photographer, architect ... but became an actor. And I am pleased that I came to this myself. "
  2. For us all are equal
    "There are in our family Adopted children. But for us all are equal, we love all equally. Adopt an orphan and give hope - I think this is our mission! "
  3. Entertain and teach children
    "Children give me joy. I like to ride nature with my family and invent new games for children. It takes a lot of effort, but I see their grateful eyes. I want my children to respect the elders, to behave well and achieve high results. Every child is a part of my life. it'll be this way forever".
  4. We do not impose faith on children
    "We belong to Anglicina to different nationalities and religions, and we do not impose faith on children. We just bring up morality in them. "

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