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First aid in fainting and head trauma

In some life situations, a quick reaction can save someone's life. But in such cases, there is little desire and reaction. You also need to be able to to give first aid The victim.

Today edition "so simple!" Offers you a list of activities thatIt is necessary to undertake at rendering of the first help to the person who has fainted or has received a trauma of a head. Carefully read these tips, they can come in handy at any time.

First aid for head trauma

head injury

  1. First of all, it is necessary to stop the bleeding by pressing a sterile napkin to the wound and attaching something cold to the head.
  2. After that, call an ambulance or ask someone to do it.
  3. Monitor the presence of breathing, pulse and pupil response to light before an ambulance arrives.
  4. In the absence of pulse, respiration and reaction to light, it is necessary to start making cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  5. After restoring the pulse and breathing, give the victim a stable lateral position and warm it!

First aid with fainting

The woman fainted

  1. Spread the person on his side so that he does not choke, for example, with vomit masses.
  2. So that the tongue does not block the airways, tilt the victim's head back.
  3. Call an ambulance.
  4. Watch for the presence of breath.
  5. If the victim does not breathe, then start doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Finally want to wish you a strongHealth. Let these tips never be useful to you, but just in case, share them with your friends and acquaintances using social networks. Informed - means, armed!