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Hybrids of vegetables and fruits

Experienced gardeners prefer Hybrid varieties Plants. They not only tolerate the cold and heat better, fruiter faster and show remarkable resistance to diseases.

Hybrids strike with their extraordinary properties - the size and appearance of these handsome men hints at what they are from another planet. And if apricots the size of an apple and Grapes without pits Became a familiar phenomenon, these giant fruits and vegetables will embarrass any summer resident.

It is impossible to believe that all this can be grown on your own site! The real fruits of scientific progress.

Hybrids of vegetables and fruits

  1. Tomato tree
    This plant resembles an octopus - many shoots,Like tentacles! So the hybrid variety is named: the tomato tree "octopus f1" has no restrictions in growth, it forms more and more new shoots, just have time to trim.

    The height of this tomato miracle can reach as much as 4 m. The harvest is also impressive: 14 thousand tomatoes, with a total weight of about 1.5 tonnes, this tree looks simply stunning ...

  2. Tomato tree

  3. Huge cucumbers
    This variety was bred in China, there are several varieties: "Chinese snakes", "Chinese long-fruited," "Chinese miracle."

    Just imagine: cucumbers 40-90 cm long! Except for the respectable sizes, these vegetables have other useful qualities. They grow almost in any conditions and are incredibly tasty.

  4. Cucumber

  5. Lunar watermelon
    The bright yellow flesh of this watermelon is not as sweet as the usual red. But in a yellow watermelon seed is very little.

    This variety appeared as a result of crossing wild and common watermelons, we have a variety known as "lunar". To taste like a mango, lemon and pumpkin at the same time ...

  6. Lunar watermelon

  7. Heavy peppers
    These peppers are from italy. Reach a length of more than 20 cm, the thickness of the walls of sweet and crunchy fruit - 3-4 mm. I'd like to cook this on the grill!
  8. Heavy peppers

  9. Potato with a violet core
    Scientists from the Colorado State held manyExperiments, and finally they got a potato of cosmic color. All thanks to anthocyanins - pigmented substances with antioxidant properties that persist even after heat treatment!

    "Purple Majesty" - the most famous variety of such potatoes, grow it in Scotland. The title speaks for itself.

  10. Purple potatoes

  11. Majestic pumpkin
    Its pulp is tasty and nutritious, and the dimensionsExceed all expectations! A gourd squash native to southern America, is a wild species, seen and spread on time. From a regular pumpkin is distinguished by a soft peduncle.
  12. pumpkin

  13. Golden beetroot
    This beet does not paint everything around inBloody red when you cook. And this despite the fact that the taste of yellow beets does not differ from the usual one. Yellow borsch! I want this vegetable to my kitchen as soon as possible ...
  14. Golden beetroot

  15. Pyramidal strawberry tree
    A special technique of growing strawberries - planting shrubs on a vertical surface - provides a good harvest.

    Because the bushes receive more light! The antennae are woven over the surface of the pyramid and a beautiful hedge is obtained. Decoration of any garden!

  16. Strawberry tree

  17. Radish watermelon
    A medium-sized radish with a bitter taste is characterized by an incredibly pleasant color. A refined purple hue and beckons to try a vegetable ...

    But it is much harder than a regular radish. It is well rubbed on a medium-sized grater in a salad, fried in slices and turned into a color puree. Great for growing in the country in our conditions!

  18. Radish watermelon

  19. Dutch bow
    Bow "excibishen" is stored for a short time, in contrast toUsual. But its sweetish taste is crazy! He's a hefty onion from Holland, but it's also common here. Growing a variety is possible only by planting seeds, this is an annual plant.

    Dutch bow

  20. Tomato + potatoes
    The hybrid is named "tomtato" - a mixture of English names of potatoes and tomatoes. Under the ground there is an excellent white potato, and on the surface grow cherry tomatoes.

    how is this possible? Do not be fascinated: every seedling is planted by hand, stalks of potatoes and tomatoes cut and put together, they grow together. This is a curiosity ...

  21. a tomato

  22. Cabbage romanesco
    Dutch breeders do not know peace. From broccoli and cauliflower about 10 years ago they grew a miracle, similar to an alien from another planet. The main feature of this vegetable: when cooking there is no nasty smell, familiar to everyone who at least once in his life was cooking cauliflower.

    This is victory! Cabbage romanesko contains a little fiber, but many vitamins and nutrients are easily digested. Mathematicians expressed the opinion that the example of romanesko can explain the geometric concept of "fractal."

  23. Romanesque

If you were impressed and inspired Exotic vegetables, Tell them about your loved ones! It is difficult to find a man who does not admire the talents of breeders. And the most amazing thing is that all this can be grown in ordinary country conditions ...