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Finger massaging

With poor health we often run toPharmacy with the belief that the medicine bought will solve all the problems. But pharmacological agents, as a rule, only eliminate the symptoms, and do not completely cure ... why then stuff yourself with chemistry if there are alternative techniques For temporary elimination of symptoms of diseases.

The fact is that according to reflexology each finger is associated with specific internal organs. Therefore, when you are unwell, do not immediately look for a miracle pill - just try a minute Massage finger, Responsible for fighting with a particular pain.

Why massage your fingers

  1. thumb
    Is responsible for the heart and lungs. If you have shortness of breath and a little heartbeat, massage and several times pull your thumb. This technique helps to calm down in stressful situations.
  2. Thumb massage

  3. forefinger
    It is associated with the organs of the gastrointestinal tract. Sipping and massaging this finger, you will quickly get rid of an upset stomach, abdominal pain and constipation.
  4. Finger massage

  5. middle finger
    Advise when nausea and dizziness a little knead and sip the middle finger - and soon feel better. This method will also help with insomnia.
  6. Middle finger massaging

  7. Ring finger
    This finger is responsible for the emotional state. You have a bad mood, everything is annoying and there is no more strength to endure something? So massage this finger! Well, a little calmer?
  8. Finger ring massage

  9. little finger
    The smallest of our fingers is connected to the kidneys and head. When problems with the kidneys, as well as with headaches and pain in the neck, regularly do this technique.
  10. Massaging the little finger

  11. Palms
    They are connected with the nervous system. Vivacity and liveliness will add the usual clapping.
  12. Palms

If you sincerely believe that the technique is working, then it will certainly help out. What's there to hide, it's checked! Not for nothing in the East believe that such techniques serve to harmonize the soul and body.

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