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New life of old furniture

Probably, many are familiar with the situation when the money for redecorating There is, but for new furniture - no. Or furniture is so expensive as a memory that you do not want to part with it, but it does not want to fit into the interior - the lamp does not fit the style, the table - in color, and with the carpet it's not clear what to do.

Moreover, and the households complain that this junkPlace if not in the garage, then in the trash. We offer to your attention some reasons why "an old friend is better than the new two." A good argument for relatives, is not it?

How to update furniture

  1. Change color
    The obsolete thing can be seen with the naked eye mainly thanks to the faded surface. If a thing is dear to you as a memory or as long as there is no opportunity to buy a new one - just update what you have.

    For example, using paint. If the interior is not monochrome, you can only update the details. As an option - paint the drawers of the table. The table will become bright and eye-catching, but it will not look like a child's workplace.

    Also transform furniture or decor elements with a self-adhesive film, which consists of a colored side and an adhesive layer. The principle of action is the same as that of a conventional sticker.

    A huge plus is that modern manufacturers offer a fairly wide range: imitation wood, material with a funny print or just plain paper.

    The film is very easy to cut to the appropriate format, and you can glue doors, chests (checked!) And much more. In addition, it is a very budget option Renovation of the interior. You can, for example, add brightness to the floor lamp. A big plus of stickers is that they are easily torn. Did not work out? You can try again!

    The table with painted drawers fits perfectly into the interior!


    Stickers can refresh the appearance of a single-colored bedside table.


    The floor lamp fits perfectly with the wallpaper!

    Interesting design

  2. Replace material
    The kind of furniture often spoils worn and faded upholstery. The best way to refresh it is to stretch the fabric. Some do it themselves (and they do it), while others ask the masters.

    The only thing worth checking beforeWork, so this is because you're not going to give a new appearance of frank junk. Even if it is an armchair in which once your beloved grandmother tied the softest sweater in the world, it is not worth it. First of all, evaluate the convenience and reliability of furniture, and then decide what to do with it.

    And if the furniture is not frayed, but bored with its texture or color? Shelves covers! This is objectively easier than changing the upholstery itself.

    In addition, you will have several options"Clothes" for furniture (winter and summer, festive and casual, monochrome and colorful). You can change the covers at your own discretion and wash them as they become dirty.

    This chair will be an excellent accent in the living room.

    living room

    Pay attention to the cover on the chair. Simple and tasteful!

    Seat cover

  3. You can change the size
    Perhaps you recently moved from an old apartmentIn a new one and you have a small table, which is too small for a new room. And for the guests there is not enough room, and the dishes at the domestic buffet table will not fit. what to do? Cut the legs - and a beautiful coffee table for the living room is ready!

    You can change the size of many items, inIncluding an ordinary carpet. If you cut it, you can make a decent rug in the hallway, a dog's bench or lay under the cage of the rodent, so as not to let the sawdust scatter throughout the house.

    If the carpet is in decent condition, but justTired, trim him and bed in the loggia. In the warm spring and summer, you can not only walk barefoot, but also organize a mini-children's for the baby, if there is no time to go out with him on the street.

    The dining table can easily be turned into a coffee table!

    Coffee table

    This carpet fits perfectly into the interior due to its small dimensions.


  4. Change the purpose of the subject
    Thanks to the imagination, a small portable ladderCan become an excellent bedside table. It does not look cumbersome, and its contents can be seen as in the palm of your hand. The only drawback is that if there are children in the house, the order on such a night table will not last long.

    From old lamps you can create Creative pots For plants. For example, pasted with colored paper and successfully fit into the interior. If the farm has an old chest or suitcase - it can be adapted as a table for the living room.

    And inside store something that is rarely required: for example, the ancient filing of magazines, which it is pitiful to throw out, but there is nowhere to put it.

    Pay attention to the bedside table. Original, is not it?


    But do you recognize in this flower pot a lamp?


    Treasure chest? No, for magazines!

    Coffee table

  5. Find a new place for a thing
    Sometimes the absence of the right thing in the house is justError. For example, it seems that in the hallway there is not enough of a small seat to comfortably tie the laces, and at this time the room proudly is a chair that no one uses.

    If the old bedside table Does not fit a new bed, it can be sent to a balcony, put on it a favorite pot of flower, and in the bedside table store fertilizer.

    A great solution for a table, which is a pity to throw. Sorry, not everyone has so much room in the hallway.


Before parting with furniture thatServed your family for many years and could serve as much again, think carefully! Maybe she just is not in her place? Or does she miss a little paint?

Ask yourself, how else can you apply it? This is a great way to save your family budget and use it for more basic needs. Share this article with your friends.

Perhaps they will also share with you secrets, thanks to which the interior can be updated, and money saved!