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How can you feed your child?

The main desire of many grandmothers is to feedChild at any cost. And mothers also like to fatten their children. But often it happens when the kid is not at all hungry ... so adults come up with a variety of tricks.

If the child is healthy, cheerful, well adds weight, then this article you should definitely read. Learn about the 4 main Feeding errors, Which can lead to serious consequences if they are not eradicated.

How to feed a child

  1. Feed at any cost
    For children from one year or older food intake is locatedNot in the first place. During this period the child seeks to study the world around, rather than satisfy hunger. In addition, during this period, children become picky in food. Then the adults try to deceive the little karapuza. They slip him various gadgets while eating, read fairy tales, show performances with the help of dolls, intimidate various characters or run after him with a plate and a spoon throughout the house.

    The child is fed, but at the same time is disruptedFood culture and health. If constantly distracted, then the baby's body is not tuned for eating. The child does not fully feel its taste, and this complicates the digestion and assimilation of food. If a child eats so constantly, it may in the future lead to a variety of problems with the digestive system.

    For proper digestion you need an appetite, thenThe body will be ready to eat. If the child is healthy and active, but does not want to eat, then he just is not hungry. When his body requires, then he himself will say about it. But if he refuses food and looks sick, then you need to see a doctor. And do not feed it.

  2. To the last crumb
    Often parents require that the child eat everything,That to it have put. While they are guided by the stories of mom viti from the kindergarten or by their own assumptions about how much the child should eat. But this only disrupts the baby's appetite. It can cause rejection of food, as well as disrupt the ability of the child to feel the needs of the body.

    So the baby can have a habitovereat. He will start to eat not because he is hungry, but for pleasure. If the child constantly leaves food on a plate, it may be necessary to give him a smaller portion. Finding that golden mean, you can gradually increase the amount of food.

    The child eats

  3. Variety of dishes
    Often the child does not eat semolina porridge, but for both cheeksWeaves pasta. And then every day requires only one pasta to cook. So even busy moms puzzle themselves even more and offer several dishes to choose from.

    So they just spoil the baby even more. should not be doing that. If the karapuz does not want to eat what he was given, it means that he is not yet hungry enough. Just wait until he wants.

  4. Food culture at a party
    Often adult homes do not pay attention to,How a child behaves when eating, do not accustom him to a culture of behavior at the table. But when they come with a child to visit, they begin to scold him for the behavior that is considered normal at home.

    The child does not understand what you can do and what you can not ... if you want your child to behave decently at the table, first of all teach and give him the right example of the house.

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