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Mom's advice

Mama! How much tenderness and love in this word! Our mothers, our dear guardian angels will always find the right words of support, open the doors to us at any time of the day, close our eyes to all our pranks, comfort, feed, inspire. Thank you for your kindness, good mood and sense of humor. Thanks to you we are today who we are!

Especially for those who have recently been a child and have already become a parent, the editorial staff "so simple!" Prepared a selection of the most original and Cheerful phrases, Which you probably heard as a child from my mother. With humor and love!

Mom's advice

mom and daughter

  1. Think logically: "because I said so, that's why!"
  2. Believe in God: "Pray that this muck is washed!"
  3. Think about the consequences: "now you will fall out of the window now, I will not take you with me to the store!"
  4. Respect someone else's work: "If you are going to kill each other, go outside, I just washed the floors."
  5. Overcome the impossible: "Close your mouth and eat the soup!"
  6. Endurance: "you will not leave from the table, until all you do not finish!"
  7. Smerly look to the future: "Wait, at home I'll talk to you!"
  8. Psychic: "put on a sweater, I know that you're cold!"
  9. How to become an adult: "if you do not sleep at lunch - never grow up."
  10. Taught me the basics of genetics: "it's all from your father!"
  11. Believe in the impossible: "I see right through you."
  12. To see everything in everything is good: "I again arranged a pigsty in the room!"
  13. Not envy: "in the world there are millions of poor children who do not have such wonderful parents as you!"
  14. Explained to me the cause-effect relationships: "if you do not stop crying, I'll spank you."
  15. And where does wisdom come from: "You live with mine, and then argue!"
  16. mom and daughter

More often rejoice and treat everything with a smile and a sense of humor. Be sure to share this article with your friends, maybe they will find out here not only Advice from moms, But also their own.
Dear mom, thank you for what you are!