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Advice to women over 30

Journalist and psychologist anna Bogolepova presented a selection of humor boards For modern women. If you do not take everything literally, then theyWill prove to be very useful. These recommendations she prepared for those who are slightly over 30. Why are these tips valuable? Yes because they are based solely on personal experience. It is better to learn from other people's mistakes than on your own.

These tips have already helped many women, so that, perhaps, will be useful to you.

Tips for women over 30

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  1. Between a cake and an apple make a choice in favor of a glass of water.
  2. If it is already the 12th hour of the night, and you need to wash itHead, make an epilation of the legs and manicure - always choose a dream. Because you can hide your legs, make a tail on your head, and cover your nails with a transparent varnish, sitting on a bench waiting for a trolley. But nothing will hide a tired crumpled face and disgusting mood.
  3. Travel as soon as there is an opportunity. New impressions are a great way to gain experience, without having grown old.
  4. Before judging about something or someone, ask yourself a question: "Is this my business?". Then close your mouth and go about your business.
  5. Between the stormy novel and the opportunity to earn always choose the second option.
  6. No matter how long and cheerful the party was, do everything to wake up in your bed.
  7. Spending time and emotion on an abnormal person makes sense only if you are a doctor and he is a patient who pays you money.
  8. In a dispute, not the truth, but a migraine is born. phrase "Yeah, as you say" Will help you save time and nerves.
  9. Day in peace and solitude help to relax better than the spa.
  10. No man in the world is worth it to suffer in uncomfortable shoes.

Keep these tips and revise them when there is a bad mood. solid positive Guaranteed!

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