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Life-coats for health

When the health does not add up, everything elseToo not in pleasure. Sometimes there is no problem, there is simply an unpleasant symptom that prevents you from feeling well. For example, a sore throat, not acute, but obtrusive. Or recurring headache - from lack of sleep and overwork. We suggest you get acquainted with these entertaining lifhakas, thanks to which you will quickly learn to change your condition for the better. Several facts cause real surprise!

Lifhaki for health

  1. Toothbrush against black dots on the face
    With a soft toothbrush and toothpasteYou can do an easy face cleaning to get rid of black points. Just massage the brush with a small amount of paste in problem areas. The best paste for this method is with medicinal herbs: sage, chamomile, nettle.
  2. Simple way to treat migraines
    If your head hurts very much and is not at handMedicines, use ice and hot water. Put your feet in a basin with hot water, and put ice on your head. The temperature difference will adjust the pressure in the body, help improve blood circulation, relieve pain.
  3. Against nasal congestion
    Push your tongue against the palate, pressing your finger to the point between your eyebrows. Repeating this action several times, you will feel how to breathe becomes much easier.
  4. What to do with tired legs
    Tired, swollen feet - not uncommon in the roasttime. To relieve fatigue and reduce swelling, make yourself a bottle of ice water! Just put a small bottle of water under the foot and roll it out neatly. From the cold it eases immediately ...
    Foot fatigue
  5. How to remove a toothache
    Hold your mouth in the mouth near the sick tooth.Alcohol, best of all - vodka. The affected area will be cleared of germs under the influence of alcohol and numb. Prefer analgin to aspirin - to remove aspirin toothache you need more.
  6. How is it easier to quit smoking
    Sauna helps the body recover quicklyAfter smoking and completely stop smoking. Within 3 days after the last smoked cigarette, go to the sauna - you will remove the nicotine from the body and clean the lungs. And a clean body so sorry to poison it again with smoke ...
    Quit smoking
  7. How to pull out a splinter
    It is especially useful to know the parents of small children.Children. Bring to the place where a splinter or splinter is stuck, a mixture of soda and water. It is possible to glue a wound on top with adhesive plaster. After a while the splinter will be very easy to get!
    How to pull out a splinter
  8. If you have a sore throat, eat marshmallows
    Marshmallow softens the throat the same as marmalade. Eat these two products, when the throat is irritated, - the pain immediately becomes weaker, it will be easier to swallow.
  9. When pershit throat
    Swallow in the throat and massage your ears. Nerve endings, located on the ear lobes, will help relieve spasm in the throat.
  10. If the shoes are squeezing and rubbing
    Damp a towel in the vinegar, tightly wrap the shoes in it and leave them so for the night. The result will be palpable!
    Narrow shoes

I especially liked the advice about tired legs. I want to add that you should always choose the right footwear, suitable for the legs, which does not shake, does not rub and has a convenient shoe - this is important to avoid unnecessary strain on the spine. Enjoy these Lifhakami And advise them to read them to their loved ones.