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How to keep onions for a long time

How do you store vegetables at home? If you think about it, from Correct storage of products Depends the economy of your means. The same onions and garlic can be stored not 3 months, but 2 times longer, if you know the secret!

Usually after 3 months of stay in the plasticThe onion and garlic begin to fade and become moldy. About storing them in a cellophane bag, and there can be no question - because of the lack of air circulation, the onion very quickly spoils.

Categorically you can not put onions and garlic in the refrigerator - they can start to rot, spreading Unpleasant odor. With onions and garlic you need to act differently than we are used to!

Proper storage of onions and garlic

  1. The best way to store onions and garlic is inPaper perforated bag. Holes will promote air circulation, paper - adjust humidity. Make elegant paper bags for storing vegetables using a punch. It will suffice to collapse the packet several times, as shown in the picture.
  2. Proper storage of onions and garlic

  3. Vary the vegetables - you need to select only the mostThe best. Rotten, soft, with mold - throw away without doubts. Because mold and rot can spread to other, not spoiled products.
  4. Proper storage of onions and garlic

  5. Fill the package with onion or garlic until half, bend the edge, secure it with a paper clip. Remember that the most important for the proper storage of vegetables - Freely circulating air.
  6. Proper storage of onions and garlic

  7. Now you can store paper bags with onions andGarlic in an ordinary box, you can even sign them. Looks wonderful, no rot, mold, smell and slovenliness! Be sure to follow the free space between packages - it should be enough.
  8. Proper storage of onions and garlic

Never keep onions and potatoes together - so they spoil much faster. This method is especially suitable for storing shallots, only so it Is perfectly preserved. Choose a dark and cool corner to put there a box of vegetables. An interesting idea is to use paper bags from McDonald's or a supermarket where baked goods are sold to store onions.

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