/ How to remove cud

How to remove cud

Chewing gum is known for its ability toSticking: it perfectly sticks to different surfaces. It's good that, together with problematic situations, there are all the new ways to solve them - no one else is already cutting a haircloth in which it is hopeless Entangled chewing gum...

There are more sparing means, and it is worth remembering them! Chewing gums - the simplest Food rubber, So it is easy to break down with the simplest chemicals. Now you will know what to do.

How to remove chewing gum

  1. If the cud is entangled in the hair
    Smear strands with vegetable oil and brushComb out the rests of the chewing gum. In this case, you can use alcohol - the cud is dissolved, but alcohol also dries your hair drastically, remember this. Another sure method is freezing: apply a pack of ice or ice water to the chewing gum, it will freeze and crumble. Then you also need to comb it.

    Variants of mass, and cutting out the hair in them is not exactly included - you need to know every parent!

  2. Chewing gum in the hair

  3. If the cud is stuck to the clothes
    One of the ways - to spray the chewing gum with varnish, it will harden and fall behind. Effective and hot water. Place the gum cloth in hot water and try to separate it with a toothbrush and a knife.
  4. Chewing gum on clothes

  5. How to remove the cud from your clothes with vinegar
    Preheat vinegar in a microwave oven or on a stove,Dip a toothbrush into it and rub the chewing gum. Do it very quickly and several times while the vinegar is hot - so it works best. Of course, you need to wash your clothes.
  6. vinegar

  7. Chewing gum removal method
    Put the cloth on the cardboard so that the chewing gumWas between cloth and cardboard. Heat the iron to an average temperature, and several times hold them in the place where the chewing gum is. The elastic should adhere to the cardboard, if this did not happen, repeat the procedure.
  8. iron

Acetone can also be used to removeGum, but keep in mind that acetone decolours the fabric. Dry ice very effectively removes the chewing gum from the fabric - you only need to roll a little ice cube over the contaminated area.

If the cud is stuck to the wood treatedVarnish, remove it dissolved in water with ammonia, then soak the tree well. There is even a way to remove the painless chewing gum from the wall - you just need to heat it with a hairdryer through a napkin.

Leprosy children with chewing gum now are not scary! you can Remove cud from any surface. Show how it's done to your friends!