/ 11 ways to overcome drowsiness

11 ways to overcome drowsiness

A person is able to feel that he isSleep at any time of the day and at any time of the year. In winter there may not be enough light, and the body becomes fatigued more quickly. In the summer - stuffiness and exhausting heat contribute to the fact that we and Sleepy Closer to dinner. But nobody canceled the work day!

If you do not know any other method to overcome drowsiness, except coffee, but already tired of the endless consumption of this drink - offer your attention 11 simple ways that will help you Cheer up anywhere!

Which helps to overcome drowsiness

  1. water
    Strangely enough, dehydration is one of the main causes of drowsiness. Wash your face with cold water. This will help to remove eye fatigue after long hours spent at the computer.
  2. The steam is doused with water

  3. sunlight
    If possible, go outside tosunlight. The more your body is exposed to the sun, the more active and focused you become. The sun energizes and promotes the production of vitamin d in the body. If you do not have the opportunity to leave the room, then remember that a similar effect has artificial lighting next to the workplace.
  4. physical activity
    Just a few push-ups or jumps in placeEvery 30 minutes will fill the body with vigor and energy. If there is no opportunity to arrange physical exercise, then razmomnis on the spot. Move your feet, stretch your arms and legs, bend your knees, make some energetic mahov's hands.
  5. Charging at the desk

  6. Active mental work
    If you take something of your brain, it will not giveYou go to sleep. Observation of other people or a regular conversation with a colleague stimulates brain activity well. If there is no one near you, listen to the music. Such musical genres as hip-hop, heavy rock or rap, will not let you fall asleep. You can also sing some melody.
  7. Moderate food intake
    The use of hearty meals can induce sleepEven the most vigorous and energetic person. Give preference to light food, for example, salad, and you will be much easier to withstand a busy day.
  8. caffeine
    Caffeine, of course, helps to relieve drowsiness, butCauses dependence. Also be careful with the power engineers. They help overcome craving for sleep only for a while (like coffee), and when their effect ends, you can feel even more tired and depressed than it was before.
  9. coffee

  10. Olfactory stimulation
    You can quickly cheer up by stimulating the sense of smell, for example, inhaling the aroma of citrus or mint.
  11. acupressure
    To tone yourself, massage the earlobes clockwise and rub the back of the palm between the thumb and forefinger.
  12. acupressure

  13. laugh
    Strangely enough, but the laughter from the heart not only stimulates brain activity, but also helps to keep cheerful.
  14. Nuts
    Snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar (like cashew nuts or almonds) will give you a quick charge of energy.
  15. Attention switching
    If you are in such conditions, when there is noThe opportunity to eat with nuts, or get up from your place (for example, at a meeting), try to switch your attention as often as possible. A small enough new impulse, even a change of the handle, so that the brain remains active.
  16. The man is writing something

We think it will not be superfluous to recall that all of the above methods will only help to overcome the coming drowsiness for a while. So you should not give up High-grade rest And an 8-hour night's sleep.

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