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How to freeze berries for the winter

It would seem that the difficult to freeze berries onWinter? Washed, dried, placed in bags with clasps - and it's ready! But every responsible mistress knows that depending on how attentive you will be to the details, it depends how long the berries will be stored. Endless Summer in the freezer - it's so convenient! Learn the subtleties of freezing different berries and do not forget to make a reserve for the winter.

Pies, compotes, jellies, cakes and cocktails withFrozen berries - delicious ... the more fresh berries for freezing you choose, the better the result will be. Remember that too ripe berries freeze badly, creep and lose shape.

How to freeze berries

Frozen berries

  1. The best Temperature for freezing In the freezer from -18 ° C to -23 ° C. There berries can be stored almost a year, without losing their valuable taste qualities! Choose a rectangular shape for freezing: so in your freezer more fit. Of course, for this purpose, plastic trays can not be seized, so apply the corporate lifhak: first distribute the berries in packages, packets of ovaries.
  2. Now put the berries in a package in a rectangular tray and freeze so that they take its shape. Take out the bag and put it in the freezer without a tray - a crazy saving of space and capacities!
  3. Frozen berries

  4. It is important to know: Small portions are frozen more quickly and stored much better. Products in no case can not be frozen again, so immediately count on how many servings you are freezing berries. It is convenient then to extract the already measured amount and not guess what to do with the excess.

Frozen berries

  • Freezing strawberries, first lay it in a flat layer in the freezer on a flat surface, let it freeze a little, and then shift it into the tray.
  • If you freeze raspberries, choose berries with dark flesh. Immerse the berries for 2 minutes in a solution of common salt to remove the larvae of the worms. Rinse raspberries in a colander and immediately freeze.
  • The currant must be frozen dry.
  • Gooseberries are best frozen by pouring sugar - after melting, berries will absorb syrup and will not be acidic.

Cold is the most Natural preservative, I prefer to freeze the preservation. If you find these tips useful, show them to your friends! Vitamins are necessary to us all the year round, and as it is healthy, that there are freezing chambers.