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How to win in "Stone, scissors, paper"

"Stone, scissors, paper" - a game familiarEveryone from childhood, she solved even the most serious men's disputes. I always believed that this game is based only on luck, but it's far from the case. Today "so simple!" Will reveal to you some small secrets that will allow you to always win this game. And then you will go to the front seat, and someone else will run for the beer.

Secret of victory in "stone, scissors, paper"

If you have already forgotten the rules, I will remind you: a stone breaks scissors, which cut paper, and paper covers a stone.

A team of Chinese researchers from Zhejiang University conducted a huge number of experiments and observations, the results of which showed some Regularities: A player who defeated his opponent in the current game is more likely to repeat his actions in the next round and is unlikely to change anything.

On the other hand, if a player loses two or more times in a row, he will stop showing Unsuccessful combination And will try to break exactly the sign that just allowed the opponent to defeat him.

Proceeding from this, it is possible to derive such a winning strategy

  • If you lose, throw that sign that beats the last winning sign of your opponent.
  • If you won, do not continue to show the same sign, instead throw out the last combination of your losing opponent.

Some more important regularities

  • More often the representatives of the stronger sex first use the stone, so if your opponent is a man, try to throw the paper.
  • If you compete with an experienced player, there is a high probability that he will try to play on your naivety and throw the paper. Use scissors.
  • Remember that if your opponent has already thrown a stone twice in a row, this person hates being predictable and in most cases uses scissors. Throw the stone.
  • Watch your opponent's fingers. The easiest movements will tell you what move the enemy is going to use. All fingers are tense - stone. All fingers are relaxed - paper. Only two fingers are strained - scissors.
  • Paper is used least often in the game - in 29.6% of cases. More often use scissors - 35%. And even more often stone - 35.4%. Use the surprise effect.

Tell us about these little tricks to your child, he will be completely delighted that he will always win disputes with his classmates!