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Gymnastics from wrinkles

The wrinkles are the worst nightmare of anyWomen, so we all try in every possible way to delay their appearance. For this there is a huge amount of expensive creams, but they are not affordable for everyone, and the effectiveness of many is questionable.

But there is also a completely free way Get rid of wrinkles Or simply to delay their appearance - a simple gymnastics for the face. We offer you the author's technique fitfacе, which helps to relax the circular muscle of the mouth.

Gymnastics from wrinkles

Start the lesson with a smile, she is capable ofTransform a person who, thanks to this emotion, looks much younger. When exercising, make sure that during the strengthening of the cheeks do not provoke the formation of wrinkles around the mouth.

It is best to do this gym before the mirror,So that you can fully control facial expressions, because each of the exercises must accompany such a strong muscle tension, so that burning sensation is felt.

Do this gymnastics regularly to be young as long as possible, and share this video with your girlfriends!