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Products with GMOs

We are what we eat. Unfortunately, many touted food products are not nearly as healthy as you think. For the sake of money people are ready for much, even to sell what contains flavors, dyes, hormones and toxins. Read carefully the names of these Food products, Get acquainted with the features of their composition. It is impossible to believe that all this is present in the products of well-known manufacturers! If this food causes health problems even in adults, what can we say about children ...

Products with GMOs

  1. Kraft foods
    Brands: milka, toblerone, alpen gold, "crown", jacobs, carte noire, maxcafe and maxwell house, cheese philadelphia, picnic, dirol, halls.

    Sugar, fat, sodium glutamate for enhancing taste -The basis of this food production. Candy halls contain a dye that can cause health problems: asthma, cancer, allergies. The company is actively struggling for the possibility of not indicating potentially dangerous ingredients on the packaging of the goods.

    Kraft foods

  2. Heinz
    Brands: heinz, "picador", "my family", "rustic", lea & perrins.

    Tomato concentrate, distilled vinegar,High fructose syrup, corn syrup, salt and a bunch of flavorings contains any of these very tasty ketchups. The use of this product contributes to the violation of the functions of the liver, kidneys, pancreas.


  3. Coca-cola
    Brands: coca-cola, fanta, sprite, nestea, burn, gladiator, rich, "good".

    15 chemical additives are contained in the traditionalDrink, which is so fond of children and adolescents. It's hard to surprise anyone with a story about the dangers of "Coca-Cola," but everyone continues to drink it. E950, or acesulfame potassium, is 200 times sweeter than sugar, causes dependence and damages the cardiovascular and nervous system. E211, or sodium benzoate, is a compound that destroys human DNA. E338, or orthophosphoric acid, - causes skin and eye irritation. And you can continue ...


  4. Nestlé
    Brands: nestle, fitness, nescafe, nesquik, oatmeal porridges "fast", sweets "russia", maggi, nuts, kitkat, "bon bet".

    This company uses gmo even in baby food. In 2008, the company survived a scandal involving the discovery of industrial melamine poison in boxes with infant formulas.


  5. Kellogg's
    Brands: coco pops, miel pops.

    Glyphosate, toxins and genetically modifiedSubstances are contained in the flakes of this manufacturer. This refined, artificially processed products, which you definitely do not need to give up - there is not even a hint of usefulness.


  6. Pepsico
    Brands: Pepsi, mirinda, 7up, mountain dew, "Russian gift", lipton ice tea, adrenaline rush, "aqua mineral", "springs of russia", "essentuki", "hello", tropicana, tonus, j7, Favorite "," cheerful milkman "," Kuban Burenka "," house in the village ", hrusteam, cheetos, lay's," syverivers "," agusha "," words "," smack "," miracle "," sadochok " , Sandora.

    4-methylimidazole is a carcinogen that promotesThe appearance of cancer, is contained in the beverage of this well-known manufacturer. The company is an opponent of GMO marking on food products. And yes, dietary Pepsi does not help losing weight at all.


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