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How to treat a cold in a child

Coryza in children - the phenomenon is frequent. And many mothers, just noticing their favorite child from the nose, rush to the pharmacy for various vasoconstrictive sprays, antiviral pills and other products of the modern pharmaceutical industry.

Coryza in the baby

The famous pediatrician Eugenia komarovskogo There is an approach to treating a common cold in children. The allocation of mucus from the nose during Orz and Orvi is a natural process. By the color of the snot it is possible to determine the nature of the infection: viral (clear discharge) or bacterial (dense greenish discharge).

Clear mucus With viral infection - one of the protective measuresOrganism. In this case, there can be no cure for the cold. But there is a method by which you can alleviate the condition of the child and accelerate his recovery.

 Than to treat a cold in a child

  1. Get a saline in the pharmacy and drop in half a pipette into each nostril hourly. Or pour it into a bottle from a dispensed spray for the nose to do irrigation. Also you can cook Saline solution at home: Solvent 1 tsp. Salt in 1 liter of boiled water.
  2. Give the child a vitamin c in a dosage appropriate to age.
  3. Do not forget about drinking mode: Frequent drinking Accelerate recovery. The temperature of the liquid should be close to body temperature: it is so quickly absorbed by the body.
  4. Warmly dress the child and more often ventilate the room, regularly do wet cleaning.

Dr. Komarovsky gives really competent advice on how to properly treat flu and colds. He recalls that the guarantee of children's health is fresh air, water and the parents' sanity.

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