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Application of aloe

Many people use aloe vera not only inAs a houseplant. In it there are more than two hundred biologically active substances, each of which possesses certain properties and bears its own benefit. aloe vera Contains vitamins a, e, c, group vitamins. We suggest that you read the list of the fifteen most frequent applications of this miracle product for beauty and health. The main thing is to use the lower large plant leaves, which is not less than three years old.

Application of aloe

  1. Anti-dandruff and itchy scalp
    Take 2 tablespoons of aloe juice, 2 teaspoonsHoney, a couple drops of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of castor oil. Preheat the mixture on a steam bath and mix thoroughly. Well rub in the hair and scalp. After 30-40 minutes wash with warm water and shampoo.
  2. To improve the skin after sunburn
    Aloe vera helps to quickly repair damaged areas from sunburn. Also gives the cooling effect.
  3. For delicate skin of feet
    Foot massage with cream with the addition of aloe juice will make the skin of the feet soft, like a child.
  4. Against acne
    Wipe the face with aloe juice and you will reduce the symptoms of acne.
  5. With minor burns
    With minor burns, aloe vera will help to quickly reduce pain and remove traces.
    aloe vera
  6. With bruises
    Small bruises can be removed with the help of aloe. Apply a cut leaf of this plant to the site of the injury. The process of resorption of bruises and swelling will be faster.
  7. From herpes
    If you have herpes on the lip, the bestMeans, than the flesh of this plant you can not find. Tear off an aloe leaf. Put it for an hour in the freezer. Then cut the peel and apply as a compress to the affected area for at least 15 minutes.
  8. For psoriasis
    Aloe has a calming effect on psoriasis. Put the flesh to the affected places.
  9. For oral health
    From diseases of the oral cavity and gums rinsing the mouth with a solution of aloe vera juice and water (1: 1 ratio).
  10. Anti-wrinkle
    To reduce wrinkles, mix aloe juice and any vegetable oil. Apply the product on the skin with patting movements.
    aloe vera
  11. For healthy and strong hair
    Massage hair with aloe vera gel stimulates their growth and strengthens the roots.
  12. From insect bites
    Break off the tip of the swept sheet of aloe and smear the place of bite with juice. This will not only soothe the itching, but also help quick healing.
  13. With bloating and pain
    Tea and a half teaspoon of aloe vera juice will sooth the abdominal pain and relieve bloating.
  14. To improve vision
    To improve vision, you can use a remedy from the academician Filatov on the basis of aloe.
  15. For fresh skin
    Masks, which include this component, have a moisturizing effect. The skin looks more fresh and radiant. Now you do not need expensive creams and lotions.

If you have a plant at home such as aloe, then consider that you have a whole first-aid kit.

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