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How to recognize a lie

I want to start this article with a quote from the well-knownThe hero of the popular television series: "Everybody lies!" Sometimes, at times, a recognized lie helps to avoid many troubles. It is not surprising that in a world where the closest and "trusted" people cheat each other from time to time, it's hard to trust even yourself.

And yet, if you believe psychologists (and suddenly do not lie?), Thanks to just a few nuances, you can almost unmistakably determine where a person tells the truth, And where - lies. These are the 3 wonder-signs that will prompt you, whether the interviewee is frank with you.

How to recognize a lie

  1. Changes in body language
    The scientists calculated that about 55% of all reports,Which people transmit to each other, are transmitted through the body language. Our task is to be able to recognize it, filter it and determine where we are deceived!

    Signs of the lie of the interlocutor: the person blinks more often than usual (trying to be more convincing); Avoids direct Eye contact (Unconscious sense of guilt); During a conversationGrabs his hands behind the areas around his mouth (subconsciously "forbids" to speak to himself); Speaks quietly and does not blink (tries to forcibly keep calm); Quickly turns his head.

    These signs of lies are worth paying attention when you are told about some important things.

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  3. Changes in tone and voice
    It is estimated that about 38% of all informationA person transmits through the tone of his speech, voice and speed, with which he utters words. Liars often speak with tongue twisters or, on the contrary, involuntarily begin to stutter.

    In addition, if the interlocutor's speech is overloaded with a large number of optional details and adjectives - think about it, maybe you are deceived! And even a liar often shows Signs of nervousness, Anxiety or even fear (in a situation where there is no apparent reason for this).

    If you ask a friend: "where were you today?", And he suddenly starts to stammer or speak faster than usual (although for this there are no objective reasons), then he probably is hiding something from you.

  4. Changes in health
    According to the research of the professor of psychology of the University of California, Albert Mehrabyan, only 7% of all information we transmit to each other with the help of words.

    So if you suspect someone of a lie, try to find out how his stomach and heart feel right now.

    If the pulse of her husband, telling that he spent the whole day fishing, for some reason became more frequent, and then the spouse often starts running to the toilet, then most likely he lied.


The first question that involuntarily arises: "how to remember this"? It is enough just to become more sensitive and attentive to your interlocutors.

If you start consciously to follow the unconscious part of the behavior of others, then soon you will learn to "read" other people and even convict them of lies!

Tell your friends about these ways to recognize the lie. I am sure that these tips will not only help to make life easier, but also useful in a responsible situation.