/ / The negative consequences of using children's gadgets

The negative consequences of using children's gadgets

In our time, probably in every house there is some Electronic gadget. Now these funds are not a luxury for many and there is even a small child. But have you ever wondered what effect these things have on the fragile psyche?

The negative consequences of using children's gadgets

Dependence on technology Grows every day, and our task is to control this process, and not to let things go on its own.

Chinese doctors equated dependence onModern devices to clinical personality disorder. At the moment there are rehabilitation centers where dependent young people are treated. In many countries this problem is not yet a diagnosis. But everything goes to that.

For example, the American Academy of PediatricsLeads frightening results of research: an American child aged 8 to 10 years uses gadgets an average of 8 hours a day. And pupils of the senior school age use Digital devices About 10-11 hours a day.

Child with tablet

Every year the number of young people who sit in front of their monitors and do not let go of mobile grows more and more. Children stop learning, forget to eat and sleep.

"If a child spends a lot of time on the Internet, then you can not even dream about" the right "development of the brain, - the doctors say.

In no case should not be given Smartphones and tablets Before the child learns to speak normally. This kid gets used to entertain himself in virtuality and can completely lose interest in the real world.

Two-thirds of parents in no way limit the use of modern digital devices by the child. No rules!

"Once the parents taught the child to calm down. Children usually roll up tantrums when they are bored, and not when they feel bad. Now, when the child is bored - he is given a smartphone or tablet. But all in order that he was behind and my mother and father were calm.

Because of this attitude, the child does not develop skills of self-control. The result is a whole generation of psychopaths ""Says Katherine Steiner-Adair, a clinical psychologist at Harvard University.

The child is playing on the tablet

without Modern technologies Today is nowhere. However, teens are advised to spend no more than two or three hours a day using digital devices.

The disappointing consequences of using gadgets can be counted a lot, but here are the main ones: Impairment of behavior, Health and school performance.

Also children lose the ability to concentrate. This leads to the fact that they can not concentrate on some aspect of their lives for a long time. This prevents the development of deep thinking and the ability to solve complex problems.

Even if you're sick of the fact that the child always wants attention, when he's bored, do not give him a smartphone. Do not need to maim the fragile psyche.

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