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60 minutes that will change your life

According to one theory, we are all born veryHappy people (meaning happy families). We are fed, bathed, dressed, nursed with us, satisfy our basic needs, whims and desires.

We learn the world, learn to live with it in harmony, respect ourselves and others, go our own way. How it is bitter to realize over the years that the path that we thought was the best and right, led to the wrong direction. Ambitions Have died down, disappointments overtake one after another ... or maybe it's not our way? Then how to find your own, the one that you need?

If you are tired of the life that you live,Take a decisive step forward and create it the one you always dreamed of! All that you need for this is a clean sheet, a pen and only 60 minutes of free time. Not so big a price for Success in life, Do you agree?

Woman near the sea

60 minutes that will change your life

  1. Find a place where no one will disturb you.
    The most ideal place to look inOwn soul, far from civilization. Fine, if you find the opportunity to go out of town (forest, park, river). At the worst, try to choose the time when you will stay alone in the apartment or all the homemakers will go to bed. Nothing should distract you.
  2. Answer the questions in writing.
    What would I do if I had only a week left to live?
    Answer truthfully. Do not mess up! Prescribe not only a question, but also an answer - every thought that flashes in your head. At first it will seem that you have no exact answer. But this is not so. After spending an average of 10 minutes on this task, go to the next.

    What would I do if I had only one month to live?
    And again answer it in writing. Do not rush, nobody drives you, let the answers be brief, but clear.

    What would I do if I had only one year left to live?
    Answer him as honestly as on the two previous ones.

    What would I do if I had only five years to live?
    For each answer you will have to leave until 10 minutes.

    What would I do if I had only one life left to live?
    And again honestly answer this question.

  3. Reread your entries and answer the most important question.
    How can I plan my week so as to be closer to what I wrote in my answers?
    Maybe the answers shock you or you realize that all your life was not doing what you really need. It's never too late to change something while the heart beats!


In fact, life today opens up to the man so many opportunities, as in any era before. We have a chance not only to dream, but also to realize our dream.

If what you are striving for could be realized by at least one person, then everyone can do it. Be sure to tell your friends about these simple ways to understand yourself and Change life for the better. Do not miss the bird of luck, it is now as close as ever!