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10 habits from which the body ages

Scientists have not yet come up with tablets that help Preserve beauty And the youth of the body, so people continue to struggle with old age who knows how.

Some make expensive plastic or Injections of botox, Others do not let this matter go by themselves,Motivating laziness by the fact that aging of the body does not escape. While scientists of all countries are looking for an elixir of youth, let's better see why our body is inexorably aging.

From which the body ages

  1. Sleep lasts less than 5 hours a day
    If you give up a full sleep, it leads to dark circles and bags under the eyes, and shortens the life span.

    Sleep is necessary for 7-8 hours a day. If you do not have enough time to sleep - before you go to bed. The lack of sleep is manifested in lack of energy during the day, slowing down the thought process, worsening attention and weight gain.

  2. The day passes in a sitting position
    The danger of a sedentary lifestyle is well known,Perhaps everyone: people who spend most of the day in a chair risk getting kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and cancer, not to mention obesity. Move as often as possible, movement is life!
  3. Refusal of sunscreen means
    One of the first causes of premature aging -Ultraviolet, which is present in both sunny and cloudy weather. Protect the skin with special means every time you go out into the street. Choose spf from 30 to 50 for each day.
  4. smoking
    Tobacco smoke has the same effect on the skin,As well as ultraviolet rays: free radicals are formed and those enzymes that destroy the structure of cells and lead to the appearance of wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin are activated.
  5. alcohol consumption
    The harmful effects of alcohol affect allSystems of the human body (nervous, circulatory, digestive). At present, the harmful role of alcohol in the development of acute and chronic diseases has been proved.
  6. drug addiction
    No comments.
  7. stress
    Stress, perhaps, affects the body worse than allAbove. Do you remember the saying "all diseases - from nerves"? Keep calm and positive attitude in any situation, and this will help to keep you healthy and youthful.
  8. The apartment is too warm
    In winter, and I want to make the apartment warmer. However, increasing the temperature in the dwelling, remember that the heat removes moisture from the air.

    It promotes dryness and inflammation of the skin, whichWith time it ages. And even dry skin itches and cracks. Use humidifiers or hang a wet towel on the battery (put a container of water in the room), where the moisture will evaporate.

  9. Lack of vitamins
    Vitamins and trace elements that are inVegetables and fruits, maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, cleanse the body of the products of decay, promote weight loss, prolong youth.
  10. unhealthy food
    Harmful food is considered one of the most important enemies of beauty and youth. But the whole point is that we eat something every day, so the choice of diet should be treated very carefully.

    We think, it is not worth writing about the dangers of chips, convenience foods and French fries. Just watch your food. It will help you stay young and healthy for many years.

Of course, the reasons why the body grows old,a lot more. It's ecology, heredity, and disease. But the main thing that we all need is life in peace and love, forgiveness and mutual understanding. Tell this article to your friends, and perhaps you will have a chance to celebrate the 100th anniversary in a cheerful and friendly company!