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How to make a balcony comfortable

Balcony can become both a curse andThe blessing of any apartment. If you have a mess on the balcony, immediately solve this question! Because summer so want to spend more time in the fresh air in a cozy place.

Even on the smallest balcony you can create a magnificent residence of comfort and beauty.

Use these tricks to create a unique spiritual atmosphere, and you will have a place where you can remove stress, dream, read and talk with friends.

On such a magical balcony will always have something to do!

How to make the balcony comfortable

  1. Order! Something that many balconies do not have ...
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  3. Throw out old things, all the unnecessary trash that is gathering dust on your balcony. If it is not already - great! Consider that half the job is done.
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  5. Tricks for storing things
    Keep things tasteful! Carefully try again and make sure that these are exactly the right items. Boxes on wheels - a super idea for organizing things.
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  7. It is very convenient to store something under the seats, this is an incredible space saving.
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  9. Plastic containers, wicker baskets, old chests decorate the terrace and will promote order on it.
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  11. Floor insulation
    The wooden floor will solve the problem of cold feet on the balcony. But if there is no way to do this now, you can get out of the situation differently ...
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  13. Mats and blankets - bright insulation options on the balcony.
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  15. You can lay an extra linoleum on top of the balcony floor, and also lay out the rugs in several layers.
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  17. Floor covering, similar to fresh grass! The heat will be even a cool summer evening ... and looks delicious.
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  19. Special furniture
    For a balcony suitable compact furniture of wear-resistant materials. Hanging table - just a miracle!
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  21. Folding shelves, tables, folding chairs - there are many options for furniture, as if created specifically for the balcony.
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  23. A coffee table that is relevant on the balcony: folds like a table in a train. Wooden furniture always looks atmospheric!
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  25. Furniture that can be folded and laid out - a value in every home. Having such a set, you will solve many problems with the accommodation of guests. And the metal furniture is very strong!
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  27. Wicker chair. But what about the rocking chair on the balcony?
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  29. In a hammock it is so comfortable to rest! Not everyone will be able to resist the temptation to hang around. A good idea for a friend's gift for a housewarming party is a hammock.
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  31. Outboard swing on the balcony!
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  33. plants
    Flowers transform space. Choose plants to your own taste, preferably - not very demanding to weather conditions. To please you on the balcony, they will be long - from early spring to late autumn!
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  35. Someone likes to surround themselves with a riot of flowers ...
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  37. And someone - flowers in the style of minimalism ...
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  39. Colored hanging pots. The main thing is that everything should be in harmony!
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  41. Cans as pots for plants.
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  43. Such wall pots are my dream.
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  45. More comfort!
    There are never a lot of pillows and plaids when it comes to balconies. These cozy details like absolutely everything!
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  47. Pads with dry grass inside - the idea for comfortable seats on the balcony.
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  49. Using silk and other unusual fabrics, you can completely change the mood of the balcony.
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  51. A place for two ...
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  53. Installation is a powerful tool forMake the balcony more interesting. Several objects, successfully combined with each other, can look like a single whole. It looks thoughtful and is remembered for anyone who visited such a balcony at least once. I want to return to such a place ...
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  55. shine!
    But what about lighting? Garland is a brilliant solution.
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  57. Candles in intricate candlesticks are very suitable for a balcony. the bigger, the better!
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  59. Air lamps and a white umbrella. How here not to dream?
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Choose the best ideas for your balcony! A place where you can relax from the ordinary and take a breath of fresh air, so well suited to recuperation. Work on your balcony as you should, and soon friends will write legends about him!