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The meaning of known phrases and expressions

It is often possible to observe how people from different backgrounds and different age groups dilute their speech with known Phrases and expressions. For example: "this couch is already breathing heavily! We will soon have to buy a new one. " Or: "my neighbor from the first floor, from morning till night, is washing up the bones of everyone who lives in our entrance."

However, in order to be truly recognized Educated person, It is not enough to use accurate expressions to the place. Best of all, if you are familiar not only with their meaning, but also with the origin!

Meaning of known phrases and expressions

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  1. Augean stables
    The legend says that King Augean was an avidHorse, in the stables of which stood more than 3,000 horses. But for some reason for 30 years no one ever cleaned the stables. One of the feats of the gerakle was that he cleaned the stables of the king Avgia. For this the hero took the channel of the river Alpheus to the horse stall and washed all the dung with a stream of water. Since then the expression "Augean stables" applies to everything that has been neglected or contaminated to the last limit.
  2. Sprinkle
    In the old days of school students it was acceptedFlogging. Some poros for the cause, others for prevention. Often happened and so that the pupil got especially strong. In this case, he could be freed from further defects, until the first day of the following month.
  3. blue blood
    Spanish royal family and nobilityPrided themselves on leading their ancestry from the Visigoths and never mixed with the Moors who had infiltrated Spain from Africa (as opposed to the common people). Since the common people were swarthy, and the nobility had blue veins on pale skin, they were proud of this color and proudly called themselves "blue blood". Today, this expression is used to designate the aristocracy.
  4. Money does not smell
    One day the son of the Roman emperor VespasianReproached his father for imposing taxes on public toilets. Then the emperor showed him the money received from this tax and asked if they smelt. The son gave a negative answer. So the expression "money does not smell" has occurred.
  5. library

  6. Walk to the handle
    In the Rus, the kalachi baked with a handle, for which theyWore. After the roll was placed on the table, the handle was broken off and, for hygiene reasons, was thrown away. These pens were picked up and eaten by beggars and dogs. From here appeared the expression "reach the handle" - that is, to become impoverished, to descend.
  7. Breathes in frankincense
    According to the Christian tradition, a person whoIt was not long to live, the priest confessed, communed and crooked incense around him. As a result, the expression "breathes on incense" was fixed to indicate a morbid person (and in modern language also for a barely working device).
  8. it is not worth it
    At a time when there was no electricity,Gamblers often gathered to play in the evening and used candles as lighting. It often happened that the wagers and the winner's winnings were so small that even the candles did not pay off. From here the expression "play is not worth the candle" was born.
  9. How to drink
    To this day have reached the lists of criminal jargonXviii-xix centuries, in which the expression "drink to give" is synonymous with the word "poison". In those days, poisoning was considered one of the most reliable and safe ways for a killer to get rid of an interfering person.
  10. scapegoat
    According to the Hebrew rite, on the day of the remission of sins the high priest laid his hands on the head of the goat and thereby laid upon him the sins of the whole people. Hence the expression "scapegoat".
  11. cast pearls before swine
    Process of throwing small glass in front of pigs -The idea is really meaningless. But in the original text of the bible (from which this phrase is taken) it is said about people who throw a precious pearl into the pig's feeder. The fact is that once the words "pearl", "beads" and "pearls" meant exactly different varieties of pearls. And only then, with the development of industry, glass balls began to be called the beautiful word "beads".
  12. on the seventh sky
    Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC.) In the book "on the sky" assumed that the sky consists of seven fixed crystal spheres, on which stars and planets are affirmed. Also of the seven heavens is mentioned in various places of the Koran: for example, it is said that the Koran itself was brought by the angel from the seventh heaven.
  13. Wash away the bones
    According to the views of some peoples, everyoneAn unrepentant sinner, if a curse gravitates upon him, after death comes out of the grave in the form of a ghoul or vampire and destroys people. To remove the spell, you need to dig out the remains of the deceased and rinse his bones with clean water. Today the expression "wash the bones" means the analysis of the character of a person.
  14. The last Chinese warning
    In 1958, the Chinese government was extremelyOutraged by the fact that the US Air Force and Navy support Taiwan, and published its angry note, called the "last warning." The world shuddered with horror and held its breath while waiting for the third world. When, seven years later, China issued the four hundredth note under the same name, the world howled with delight. Because, in addition to papers with menacing words, China had nothing to oppose to the states, Taiwan still retained its independence, which, by the way, the Beijing does not recognize until now.
  15. Cat on the bookshelf

  16. After us though the flood
    This phrase is attributed to the French kingLudovic xv, but the memoirists claim that it belongs to the favorite of this king, the Marquise Pompadour (1721-1764). She told her in 1757 to comfort the king, dejected by the defeat of the French troops at the Rosbag. It is possible that this phrase is an echo of the verse of an unknown Greek poet, who was often quoted by Cicero and Seneca: "after my death, let the world die in the fire."
  17. With a twist
    Image of a raisin - some kind of a little spicyDetails, which gives a sense of acuity and unusualness, - the lion gave us a thick face. It was he who first introduced the expression "woman with a twist". In his drama "living corpse" one hero says to another: "my wife was an ideal woman ... but what can I say? There was not a sparkle, you know, in kvass a highlight? - there was no game in our life. "
  18. Do selfie
    Expression entered our lexicon not so long ago - inLate 2000's - early 2010's. It means a kind of self-portrait, when a person captures himself on the camera. Selfies are most often performed from the distance of the elongated hand holding the device, so all the images in the photo have a characteristic foreshortening and composition - at an angle, just above or below the head.

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