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Kinesitherapy Bubnovsky

Professor Sergey Bubnovsky is a well-known doctor in Russia and the author of numerous books, which once barely escaped from the clutches of a disease. Surprisingly, however, he did not do it with medication.

In order to restore the undermined health, Bubnovsky used the hidden reserves of his body and came out in this fight as the winner. Kinesitherapy - created by him Recovery system, Which today puts on the feet of even hopeless patients.

Here are some of the statements of the author of the technique of Sergei Bubnovsky, who do honor to the famous doctor.

Kinesitherapy bubnovsky

Sergei bubnovsky

  1. Do not rely on miraculous pills. Involve the internal reserves of your body.
  2. Regularly do morning exercises, and also - sit-ups.
  3. No cardiologist in the world can show me a patient who has recovered from hypertension while taking medications. That is, you first sit on one pill, then a whole handful ...
  4. I did not see the healthy people who left the hospital, I saw the survivors. And he has passed a way from the invalid till today quite healthy person.
  5. When you appear Pain behind the sternum, You obediently go to the pharmacy and take a seat onDrugs that allegedly create the prevention of coronary heart disease. In fact, no prevention occurs, the disease is aggravated. Because the pain behind the breastbone is a consequence of the body's malaise, and not the cause.
  6. If you are already 40, the doctor says: "What to do, my dear, it's time to be sick!" And prescribes tablets. But the person drinks them and notices: it does not help! And money for medicines is not enough! And then he begins to read books on alternative medicine and discovers for himself other drugs - movement, breathing.
  7. paradox: At us the children who have transferred illness, the doctor releases from physical culture! For some reason it is believed that in the movement of a person will certainly fall ill, but lying in bed - will recover. But, as is known, water does not flow under a lying stone.
  8. Daily squats with a straight back will help get rid of many problems.
  9. exercises

  10. With acute pain we apply coldCompress, relieving edema, improving microcirculation. Pain is always a swelling, a buildup of fluid. And it is necessary to do exercises which would pump a liquid from joints.
  11. Angina pectoris - also the inflammation of the inner shell of the vessel. And there is pain behind the sternum. And we, instead of doing exercises, pumping this part of the vessel, go to bed and start swallowing the pills. But I did not see a single person who "squandered" lying down, swallowing pills.
  12. To do gymnastics, when you came out of pain, from disability - pleasure.
  13. For me the only truly happyHour a day, when I am in the morning doing gymnastics. Because you do not get old, but you get younger. A person regularly engaged in, instead of old cells appear young.
  14. I have such a triad: squats, push-ups, exercises for the press.
  15. I met a long-liver, an artist BorisEfimov, who lived for 108 years. The little one was an old man, a little dog! I ask him: "What are you doing to live for so long?". "Yes, nothing," replies, "I'm crouching 450 times a day." And because it is a universal way to drive blood through the body!
  16. If you daily crouch with the straightBack (10 times - a sip of water, again 10 times - another sip of water) many problems will disappear. This is especially important for those who sit at the computer - accountants, designers, programmers.
  17. Take for the rule: an hour worked - sat down 30 times.
  18. And it's still good to start the morning with a cold bath - 5 seconds. And a plunge with a head. You can take a shower, but it's worse. The shower breaks the energy, the bath - collects.


Listening to these tips, I want to say: "All genius is simple!" Professor Bubnovsky put many people to their feet, so do not rush to run to the pharmacy at the first malaise.

Perhaps you should listen to the advice of a doctor and try to cope with the disease yourself. Share this article with your friends. Be healthy and do not get sick!