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How to make a pool of wooden boxes

In the summer heat you want not only to dream about the pool, but also to splash around in it. The idea offered here is truly brilliant! After all, arrange Private pool - this is a solid amount of money, and a budget option than this, can not find ...

The pool of ordinary wooden boxes is cheap, and you can make it yourself. Even if you have never been engaged in construction before Mini-pools, All the same at you it will turn out. Minimum of consumables and maximally positive effect. Let the summer turn into a real holiday!

How to make a pool

You will need

  • Dismantled crates
  • Straps or other fastenings
  • oilcloth
  • Towels
  • Felt or any other soft material for interior decoration
  • Boards
  • Bamboo panels or any other panel for exterior decoration


  1. The tarpaulin was laid on the proposed basin territory. The boxes are laid out in a circle and scrapie.
    Pool of drawers
  2. Here, secure straps were used to securely connect the boxes.
    Pool of drawers
  3. The inner part of the pool is covered with felt and towels.
    Pool of drawers
  4. A large piece of oilcloth or tarpaulin is needed in order to lap the pool inside.
    Pool of drawers
  5. Outside, the pool is covered with bamboo panels.
    Pool of drawers
  6. The design is prepared! Left to add water ...
    Pool of drawers

Have you always wanted to have a private pool? Now it's within your reach ...

Pool of drawers

Someone this idea may seem stupid ... but I would not make hasty conclusions. Make a similar pool, but smaller, for children, exactly worth it!

Check its practicality and reliability. And then you can take and building a large one. All materials are affordable and inexpensive, saving is unprecedented. So that's it!

Never give up on your dream! Show your friends this unusual idea for the summer.