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Flowers from vegetables

Decorating dishes is real art! If you want to give the table a festive look, the best option is to cut out decorative elements from vegetables and fruits.

This technique, originally from Japan, is called carving - Artistic carving On vegetables. In ancient Japan dishes were served in earthenware covered with leaves for beauty.

The Japanese realized that they were harmoniously combined withEating fresh green leaves make the dish much more attractive to look at, and began to experiment with vegetables. Now little Japanese learn carving from 11 years old.

I can not believe that these exquisite flowers are made ofDifferent vegetables: such a delicate work. But even if you do it for the first time, there are a lot of chances for success! In fact it is not difficult, but it looks amazing. Armed with a sharp knife and get ready to create a masterpiece!

Flowers from vegetables

  1. From a bow you can make a water lily.
  2. Lily from a bow

  3. The transformation of a common bulb into a lotus: for a beautiful shade, you can sprinkle the tips of the flower with beet juice.
  4. Lotus of onions

  5. An incredibly magnificent flower from Peking cabbage.
  6. Cabbage flower

  7. One more variant of a lotus from an onion. The middle can be made from carrots, and the Bulgarian pepper will look nice.
  8. Lotus of onions

  9. Lotus of onions. The yellowish core can be made from carrots, yellow bell pepper or egg yolk.
  10. Lotus of onions

  11. That's what a flower can be made from a regular radish!
  12. A flower of radish

  13. From a cucumber and a red cabbage a rose will turn out.
  14. Rose from cabbage

  15. This flower of cucumber is very simple, just cutting the cucumber into thin plates. On the look is excellent!
  16. Cucumber flower

  17. Onions and carrots are ideal vegetables for carving.
  18. Onions, carrots

  19. From the chili pepper you can cut flowers, surprisingly similar to the red anthurium.
  20. Flowers from pepper

  21. A nice bonus is a flower made from strawberry. Decoration of any dessert!
  22. Strawberry flower

For a beautiful decoration of the table you can use a variety of vegetables - a large radish, cucumber with a smooth skin, pumpkin; Of fruits, apples, oranges and lemons, watermelons and melons are best cut.

So that Carrot flower Turned out beautiful, choose a vegetable without a brightExpressed core. The cabbage should stay well on the stump, the tight head will look better. The Bulgarian peppers, thanks to a rich color, perfectly complement any flower from vegetables.

Beauty is what makes a holiday unforgettable. Decorating yourself for the holiday, do not forget to decorate the food: take advantage of our advice. If you like them, give them to your friends!