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Charging for the whole family

The problem of many of the fair sex is that when a child appears in the world, most women stop Watch out for yourself And, in particular, for his figure. Many feed themselves "breakfasts," repeating the same thing every day: "I'll start from tomorrow, from Monday, after the new moon ..."

In general, the desire is sort of like it is, but alwaysSomething hinders: washing, cleaning, twisting for the winter, caring for the child ... but the experience and practice of many women around the world has proved that even with very strong employment it is possible to allocate for themselves a minimum 15 minutes a day And spend it for the benefit of your body.

This video is an excellent confirmation that even with a small child you can perform a whole Complex of exercises On different muscle groups. And even the whole family!

Simple family charger

It is wonderful when there is a family in which people who are close in spirit live. However, if you do not have someone to do the exercises - do not despair. Share this video with your friends, and combine your efforts In pursuit of a beautiful and healthy body.

The desire - thousands of opportunities, reluctance - thousands of reasons!