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4 causes of genetic poverty

Many minds of humanity are trying to detect Sources of wealth and poverty. And in accordance with their idea of ​​these concepts advise us different ways to achieve the first and escape from the second ...

Business coach and popular lecturer natalia grays in her book "laws grays" also tried to answer these eternal questions. She believes that there is Law of genetic poverty, In which lies the real cause of human poverty.

Offer your attention 4 causes of poverty, in which the realities of our life are unmistakably guessed.

Factors of genetic poverty

  1. Mindset
    In childhood we often jumped on the couch at homeClassmates, while there were no adults. We were very pleased with the springs, sometimes very close to the surface; Delighted with the dust that flew from the couch clubs from the couch from our jumps. When twenty years later I went to visit my childhood friend, I saw in horror in the corner the same sofa on which we jumped as schoolgirls.

    As far as I could remember, he is not strongChanged, but now I was struck by the poverty and the wretchedness of the situation. I mentally counted how much it could cost to buy a new couch, replace greasy chairs, a mirror, broken and sealed with a wrapper from chocolate. While we were talking, in the imagination I whitewashed the ceiling and changed the wallpaper.

    I wanted to wash the windows, flies smeared with flies, to throw out sticks and cartons sticking out from under the couch, a broken flower pot tied with stockings. «But what if it's bad with money?"- I thought ... but the brain resisted and offeredI buy at least an inexpensive adhesive film under the color of wood and pasted it with a table. No matter where I look, my eyes bumped into some kind of breakdown, dirt, stains and debris.

    The brain suddenly said to me: "Why do you think that dirt is always close to poverty?"I'm asking you the same question now.

    Even if we replace the word "always" with "practicallyAlways "or" quite often ", then it does not get any easier. Dirt is a manifestation not of lack of money, but of mentality. Ponder: dirt is a manifestation of the corresponding mentality. And since dirt and poverty are neighbors, poverty is a kind of mentality.

    Poverty is in an unwashed head.


  2. philistinism
    At school I had an amazing teacher forLiterature - Tamara Grigorevna, an extraordinary mind, very perceptive woman. She somehow dropped the phrase, which I remembered for life. Someone asked her what the philistine means, and she answered: "Philistinism means drinking from an old shabby mug, when a new one in the sideboard costs".

    So it is accepted in many Russian houses: for a rainy day, money is set aside, for a white day a cup is new in the sideboard, only a white day rarely comes, and black is filled with life.

    Who live by the expectation of the future, in order for itNever comes. And then I realized this: I'm ashamed to be a beggar, I'm ashamed to be dirty. It is a shame to have a devastating head in your head, which inevitably affects both the home and the mentality of the children.

    Life expectancy of the future leads to devastation.


  3. Cinderella complex
    I know one woman who is more than twenty years oldI saved money to buy a summer house. She alone raised two daughters. The girls lived half-starving, on some porridges, and the eldest of them told me how ashamed she was to go out into the yard in old corduroy trousers with patched knees.

    The girl grew, and every year in a magical wayHer pants grew. Centimeter after centimeter unfolded tucked under the fabric. She was not so faded as the rest of her trousers, and it showed beggarly cunnings. Apparently, the expression "Gol".

    It is not necessary to tell that the system in the stateDoes not allow enough to earn. I do not scold the system, but rot in the brains. For the same money you can look decent or beggarly. When the mother finally bought a dacha, both grown-up daughters had not the slightest interest in this dacha, but the mother reproached her with infinite indifference that she had not taught them what it meant to be a woman.

    The girls formed a complex of Cinderella. They, accustomed to seeing rubbed chairs and old dishes, shabby towels and coats of seven years ago, later becoming adults, were afraid to spend money on themselves.

    Whenever they bought something, theyThe mood spoiled: they seemed to feel unworthy of new good things. This, my friends, is called two words: genetic poverty. She is already conscious, in cells, in blood, in bones.

    The fear of spending money on yourself makes you a beggar.

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  4. Subconscious programming
    Children who see shabby corners, unconsciouslyProgrammed for poverty. Already in adolescence, they begin to realize its severity. Anthony Pavlovitch of Czechs also noted that peeling walls and dirty corridors badly affect a student's ability to learn.

    The dirt and poverty suppress the person, the familiar formPoor environment programmer be a loser. You could object to me that hatred of poverty stimulates some people to develop and earn money, but I will answer that more people are breaking under the overwhelming burden of poverty.

    The words "trouble" and "poverty" have one root. Drive away trouble from yourself. Drive away poverty. How do I like the phrase: "Wealth is a state of mind". So, poverty is also a state of mind.

    Wealth and poverty are the state of your mind and your thoughts.

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Russian psychologist and writer natalya Grace helped many people to get to their feet and To succeed in life. It is up to you to listen to her opinion!

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