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Idea for storing shoes

Buying new shoes, we always come acrossThe lack of space for its storage. Boxes in which shoes are sold in stores, take up a lot of space, so sooner or later you have to invent something for a convenient and Compact storage The whole arsenal of running shoes, ballet shoes and boats.

"so simple!" Offers you a comfortable, yet simpleWay of storing shoes. So it will occupy very little space, and you can quickly and easily find the pair you need. Such a hanger can be done in two counts. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to make it.

How to store shoes

All you need is cheap clothing for clothes.

Hanger for shoes

Stand for footwear



Here such hangers should turn out in the end.

How to store shoes

Isolate the compartment in his closet for storing shoes and hang it on such hangers. You will be pleasantly surprised by their convenience. Did you like the idea? Then share it with your friends and girlfriends!