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27 lifhaks for summer cottages

country house For many people it becomes the second home. Surely you or your parents have acquaintances who leave their apartments and for a period from April to October move to their summer residences. Dacha is an energetically filled place in which you can relax not only with your soul, but also with your body.

Here you can restore mental strength,Feel the connection with nature, harmony and peace. Many understand how important the role of the dacha plays in their lives, so they try to equip it accordingly. We suggest you evaluate these 27 cool ways that will help diversify even the most banal Dacha interior.

Ideas for giving

  1. Table with stand. Simple and tasteful.
  2. Small table

  3. A steep table where you can even hide something.
  4. Ottoman

  5. Improvised tables are the main attributes of any dacha.
  6. Small tables for cottages

  7. A cheerful fungus table will not only cover from the sun, but will also cheer up.
  8. Mushroom table

  9. Excellent improvised tables! When the firewood in the hearth ends, you can use those that are in them, for their intended purpose.
  10. Tables with firewood

  11. A great alternative to a home bed! The main thing is that the mattress is comfortable.
  12. bed

  13. Bar high chair, the height of which depends on the owner, not on the manufacturer.
  14. bar stool

  15. Such a table, perhaps, is accessible to everyone.
  16. Table for cottages

  17. Who would have thought that flower pots could serve as a coffee table!
  18. coffee table

  19. A classy hammock on the porch. I would not be expelled from there!
  20. Hammock on the porch

  21. When creating the original carpet colors, you can use adhesive tape and paint.
  22. How to update carpet

  23. The easiest way to update plastic chairs is to repaint them.
  24. Plastic chairs

  25. Bright chairs for stylish summer!
  26. Stool for summer residence

  27. Super-seat from plastic boxes. Cheap and angry.
  28. Armchair from plastic boxes

  29. Sit on it is not quite convenient, but you can make an excellent photo shoot.
  30. Cinder block

  31. Transparent bar - what you need at every dacha!
  32. Transparent bar

  33. Succulents do not happen much.
  34. Table with succulents

  35. And beer too!
  36. Table with beer

  37. All that is needed for a comfortable stay.
  38. Sofa with table

  39. A table that can be used as a stand for flowers.
  40. coffee table

  41. A chic table of pallets.
  42. Table of pallets

  43. A wonderful ottoman, which will become an integral attribute of your dacha.
  44. Ottoman

  45. A little imagination, and you will not get any worse!
  46. Table and hammock

  47. A fun table for children and adults.
  48. Small table

  49. Handmade pillow for colored dreams.
  50. Colorful pillow

  51. Eco-seat - an unusual element of design.
  52. Eco-chair

  53. Another easy way to make a table.
  54. Table of tires

The dacha, like the apartment, conveys spirit and habitsOf its owner. Someone refers to it as a compulsory and tedious pastime, while others invest in the dacha soul and a free minute. Share this collection of ideas for the dacha with your friends, maybe they will like some idea and they will want to make it happen this summer!