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Secrets of a Happy Relationship

Many couples who have already been together for ages will agree that Strong marriage Requires hard work on relations on both sides. Respect and understanding is the key to success.

But there are other things thatShould be known to those who are just beginning to build a common future. So we collected 15 rules for a happy family life, which were shared by experienced couples in this business.

Secrets of a Happy Relationship

  1. Be interested in your second half, how was the day.
    Such sincere things do not become lessPleasant even with time. Each of us likes, when a person who cares about how our day has passed is waiting for the house. Especially if after a hard day the native soul can cheer up with advice and morally support.
  2. Quarrels quarrels, but they should not ruin the relationship.
    You can be madly in love with a person, butWhile being angry with him. Without quarrels there is no relationship. It is proved that couples who jointly seek ways to resolve conflicts are more solid. Also solve all problems as soon as they appear, not postponing for later.
  3. Have a common hobby.
    It does not matter if it's fishing or macrame, the main thing is this activity should raise the mood for both of you. Joint work and recreation unite.
  4. Little surprises.
    Does your native man like chocolate ice cream? Buy and pamper it sometimes. It will serve as a small sign that is loved in your thoughts, even when you simply do daily shopping on the list.
  5. Kiss hello when you came home. Kiss-yet-goodbye.
    According to statistics, men who every dayKiss their wives before going to work, have a higher income than those who do not. And women are more likely to kiss their darlings.
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  7. Do not be afraid to ask for forgiveness.
    Each of us makes mistakes, and the sooner we manage to fix them, the better.
  8. Sometimes you need to be alone with each other.
    Now many people have a very tight schedule. Sometimes you should reject all plans and just be alone together.
  9. Treat his family as his own.
    Your loved one's family is your family, and vice versa. Call his family from time to time, ask how things are, congratulate on holidays.
  10. Do not forget about three important words.
    "I love you" in difficult moments - this is the best that you can hear.
  11. Show empathy and care for your loved one when he gets sick.
    Take care of your partner when he is sick. Prepare the patient chicken broth, watch for the reception of tablets, and show sympathy and try to cheer. The person they care about recovers much faster.
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  13. Cooperate with each other.
    Share responsibilities. The more honest the cooperation, the closer the relationship will be. But also make exceptions. For example, if watering plants on the shoulders of a woman, but she had a hard day at work, help her.
  14. Watch what you say.
    Play a trick on an expensive man in the presence ofFriends - it's terrible. This will put him in an awkward position. Well, too cute little words, which you call each other, it is also better to leave secretly from others.
  15. Come on time.
    Many meaningless quarrels could have been avoided if we had arrived on time.
  16. Keep each other informed of your plans.
    Are you going to meet a friend after work? Excellent, it's good for you to have fun. But to warn about this, if you are waiting at home, you must. Because your second half also wants to rest easy, knowing that you have everything in order.
  17. Be spontaneous.
    The surprise of a loved one with tickets to a concert. Go together where you have not been. It will strengthen your relationship.

The main thing - love each other just like that. Use these secrets and your relationship will be long and lasting!