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How to wear a bra

Scientists found that regularly wear bras 90% of women, regardless of Breast size. But another study has shown that women who wear a bra 24 hours a day are at risk of contracting breast cancer 113 times more often than those who wear it for 12 hours.

And those who do not wear it at all are insured 21 times more than all the rest.

Harm of a bra

The reason for the risk is that, often in the pursuit of standards, women choose a bra not in size and do not pay attention to the discomfort felt when socking.

Too tight bras exert strong pressure on the chest and disrupt normal blood circulation in The mammary gland, Prevent the outflow of lymph. It is fraught with mastopathy, cystosis and tumors.

How to wear a bra

Many women believe that the constant wearing of a bra will prevent Sagging breasts. Sorry to admit, but it's not. The scientists did not reveal any connection between the time of wearing a bra and the deformity of the breast. But how to be the owner of lush forms, which simply need to support the chest ...

Doctors identify a number of recommendations on the choice of underwear to reduce Risk of breast cancer.

  1. Do not buy close bras. A bra does not suit you if it leaves red marks on the shoulders and on the sides.
  2. Do not go to sleep in a bra. never!
  3. If you do not want to get sick Mastopathy, Avoid bras push-up models. They give an unnatural shape to the mammary gland.
  4. Choose a bra from natural fabrics, without foam inserts, in order to avoid the greenhouse effect and prevent the disturbance of metabolic processes.
  5. Strapless bra Do not buy at all: this model exerts tremendous pressure on the lymph nodes.
  6. If the situation allows, give up the bra at all. As an alternative, wear light tops and T-shirts.

Do not go on about fashion, wear a bra correctly to save your fragile female health. Be sure to share this article with your friends!