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Disorder in the house

Did you notice how much time you have to spendFor cleaning? How much effort? Constantly maintain order in the house means to make yourself a hostage to the fulfillment of everyday tasks, which many people consider not so compulsory.

We used to condemn a person if at home Constant mess. But even this fact, like everything in life, can be looked at differently.

Disorder and negligence in the situation suggests that the person living here is a creative, brave, resourceful person. Sounds strange and even funny, but there is an opinion with which it is difficult to argue.

Mess in the house


We are surrounded by templates, society is trying to fit everything to the same framework. But in fact, the world is chaotic in its diversity. "This is the law of physics. The harsh truth of life is that the universe itself is chaos.

How can you put things in order at home or in your life if this is contrary to the nature of the universe? " - So said the physicist Adam Frank. If you think about it, throwing garbage out of the house, we pollute the environment.

It became cleaner in your house, but the chaos on the planet remained unchanged. No matter how much you aspire to the ideal order, still the unpredictability of life will not allow you to achieve it to the fullest.

There are people who have come to terms with the chaos and impossibility of overcoming it. Despite the fact that they did not spend much time and effort on cleaning their homes, all became quite successful.

Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, Roald Dale,Joan rouling - famous names. People with unusual thinking, creative and extraordinary. Why did they not attach great importance to the order around? They realized that it was necessary to use chaos for their own purposes.

An unusual situation contributes to creative thinking, the search for fresh solutions. Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, Kathleen Wohs conducted a scientific experiment that proved this fact.

People prone to disorder, living inUnselected rooms, are more developed creatively than others. One group of students went into a room where chaos reigned, the other into a tidy, well-groomed room.

They were asked to solve several problems. Both groups coped well with the task, but the students, who were surrounded by the scattered things, approached the problem solving non-standard way.


Check it out on your own experience: When in the head there are absolutely no ideas, dramatically change the situation. The brain reacts instantly: in the new conditions, thinking in a new way, visit thoughts that previously probably would not have arisen.

Dirty room introduces into a stupor, horrifies, stressful situation stimulates the ability to rethink what is happening. Order is only an illusion of security.

This article does not justify the dirt in the house and does not call you to abandon Domestic affairs Completely. People who seldom clean, very often work too much and do not want to be distracted by routine matters.

For some, disorder is an inseparable part Creative process. In order to live differently than all, some courage is needed, agree. Share this interesting study with friends, it will make them look at the chaos in a new way!