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How to wear rings correctly

Ring - this is an excellent accessory that can complement the image of any fashionista or mod. It is not only an ornament, but also the most ancient Amulet Humanity, helping to protect themselves from negative influence.

Our whole body is permeated with meridians, and energy, Which on them moves, gets to us through the extremities. Rings on your hands protect us from unwanted energy!

How to wear a ring

Rings on the fingers

Specialists in astrology and palmistry claim that each finger is associated with a particular planet. If you put the ring on the right finger, it will help you to find what you want.

Wearing a ring on forefinger, You activate Jupiter. He is in charge of power. While the person becomes more confident in himself and purposeful. Also Jupiter is a planet of luck, optimism, success and generosity.

middle finger (The planet of Saturn and the elements of the earth) is responsible for the ancestral memory. On the middle finger wear a ring that you inherited. The ring on it makes a person spiritually stronger.

To activate the element of air (planet sun), put the ring on Ring finger. It will give inspiration and increase creativity. If you wear a ring donated by a loved one, on an unnamed finger, this will help improve personal relationships.

Ring on Little finger Responsible for the elements of water (planet Mercury). It is a symbol of the independence of a person or the desire for this position. Also Mercury promotes mental activity and improves intellectual energy.

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