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Sports bra from cowards

Make a sports bra can be out of ... cowards! And this is not a ridiculous idea. Such panties - elastic and with a wide elastic band - can always be found.

It is worth cutting off a couple of pieces of cloth, and the panties will be hopelessly spoiled, and the new sportswear - ready for use! The difference between an ordinary and a sports bra is easy to feel.

Sportswear Should not be pressed, in any case should not beTight, but the function of support and fixation of the chest during exercises must perform. You can buy a sports bra. And you can make it yourself with the help of simple manipulations!

Sports bra


  1. To start, cut a piece of cloth in the middle of the panties, as shown in the picture below.
  2. Have to cut quite a lot of fabric.
  3. The bottom of the bra will be the elastic of the underpants, and the thin gums on the sides will turn into straps.
  4. Cut further, try to make an even cross cut.
  5. Here's what happens as a result!

In this video you can take a look at how to make this sports bra. In the end you can even see how he looks on a woman!

At first glance, this may seem inconceivable. So an extraordinary decision to search is necessary!

But from the song you can not erase words - from such pants with a rubber band you will really get comfortable sportswear. You only need scissors to make it. Tell this idea to your friends!